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Automated rebuilding.

A system where you can select certain resources to be rebuilt when they run dry.

Example, Ice world LIS: Regolith mines. Same cost, just set it so when they run out and poof, your now idle rovers rebuild them and start mining again.

Maybe an extra option to tell rovers to automatically harvest if they can, or to remain idle.

It would go the same for gold and ore mines on other planets and races.

niet. :P

the creator or someone important once said that would turn this game into more of an idle game.
idling in this game usually packs the consequence of food and water running out if population can grow.
believe me i've once lost 3k population after a 30 minute meeting
some resources are true idle ones like a foundry that makes steel.
some are micromanaging like ore mines.
it's the micromanaging that keeps a player attentive and ensures food and water are always made in surplus.
so by removing elements of micromanaging colonies dying due to being played like an idle game would cause issues....
Back in the day when people asked this question, Bast said that the only way for resources to be made through idling was if there was a building for it. Making the mines and harvesting them is better than making the buildings that produce those resources. So if you want the large numbers from the mines then you have to micromanage otherwise it's either a grueling task of not running out or making the resource buildings.
I suppose my return to both of your replies is this.

The game doesn't run in the background. I only runs when you have it open. You would still have to be watching the game to have it even function. By that definition, I don't really call it an idle game. To me an idle game is one I can leave closed for a week and come back to do a few clicks and then close it again. You already have to leave the game open and run for a few hours at times as it is late game for your aluminum generators and the like to build up resources, so if you're saying doing that makes it an idle game, then it's already there.

As for the factories and buildings that automate resources, you can't always build those on every planet. Or you're not at the point where you can yet, and the automation becomes something useful early on and then less used later. There are already several structures that are essential early on and then get replaced by better or more convenient ones late game, so I feel it wouldn't be an issue.
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