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Charcoal compressor to generate diamonds

#1 2017-11-04 22:00:41
(Image will be added)

The point of the diamond compressor is to take massive amounts of charcoal and slowly make a small amount of diamonds to be able to sell to other colony or to use in things like diamond crystal reactors. This would come in handy on LIS worlds, while UE would not have access to this structure. The fact that it takes charcoal means that the player would have to have increased the atmosphere to where they could harvest trees and built up their tree and charcoal production before they can make this building. In real life, scientists have been able to synthesize diamonds by super-compressing charcoal, which is 100% carbon. That is why I think that this would make absolute sense to put in the game, since every resource can be generated at one point or another in the game.

You might be saying, "yeah, but in my colony, we compact charcoal into ore, not diamonds." But this structure is a charcoal compressor, not a charcoal compactor, a very very big difference, haha.

So, here are the numbers:

size: 2x2
workers: 12
power: 150
Atmosphere requirements: between 250k and 30 mil
smelts charcoal into diamonds. Produces atmosphere as a byproduct
Smelts 10 charcoal every 3 seconds
produces 1 diamond every 45 seconds
productes 1 atmosphere every 6 seconds


Ore: 5,000
Steel: 2,500
Gold: 500
Chips: 50
Diamonds: 500
Charcoal: 1,000

Sells for:

Ore: 1,000
Steel: 500
Gold: 100
Chips: 15
Diamonds: 250
Charcoal: 50

Let me know what you think and if there need to be any improvements to this Idea. I am going to add this building to the list of things I need to draw.
#2 2017-11-05 05:40:16
It is a misnomer that diamonds are made from coal. Coal rarely occurs 2 km below the earth surface due to it's fossil-based origin, while diamonds are usually created below that level.

So instead of using Coal I suggest the following:
[*] use Ore instead of Coal
[*] require Ultra Deep Excavation to build the compressor
[*] increase the power requirement
I agree to limiting the technology to the LIS since Diamonds production is banned in the UE.
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