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A way to destroy overwhelming and encroaching amounts of sugar cane, trees, and green crystalline.


We need a way to prevent this from happening and hindering colony growth. Bast mentioned he is thinking about adding a click and drag bulldoze tool with a confirmation button just like when you are selecting locations to build on. I think this picture makes it evident that we need this tool to be in the game.
Confirmation is only needed when it involves buildings or vehicles.
Another option is to just build lots of bots/workers and harvest like mad those resources until there are no nodes left. If you play online, you could sell off some of the excess if you can already build the buildings that produce those. This will give you some extra gold for taxes and payroll.
@Craider, you're right about confirmation only being needed for buildings and rovers, but, you still could add a confirmation button to the click and drag bulldozer tool that bast is going to put in. Yeah sure, you have to click a confirm button to delete half the map, but at least you can delete half the map in one swipe instead of click by click. Also, a confirmation will be needed anyway to prevent a player from doing just that, deleting half the map, which would devastate larger colonies that have occupied all of their space.
Forcedminer said:maybe some way of selecting the bulldozer tool to only destroy 1 type of item so that you can click and drag across an area to say....violently murder all colonists within this area. >:3
and also...nice job with all the solar panels. :)
its great having a colony like that so you don't have to worry about fuel.

Thanks, I try to stay solar for as long as possible before going on to a power tower. In this world, uranium doesn't exist, so I can't make a nuclear plant, and I'm going to struggle with alien tech until I can get my alu production up and get some enrichment plants out on the field.
Yeah, click and drag tool would be awesome. Could use the same code expand on multiple buildings being placed.
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