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different ore deposits for the world zolarg sugarland

#1 2017-11-10 16:22:55
I find that in zolarg even a map of maximum size is not enough to have a lot of minerals and I had this idea would be that all the mineral deposits of a zolarg world do not contain 5000 ores but at least 15000 well on the devellopeur should perhaps design different ore deposits for zolarg I was thinking of ore deposits that would have a larger size and would have the size of 4X4
#2 2017-11-10 16:39:08
you always want to remove the small challenge the game has. why?
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#3 2017-11-10 17:25:34
not really delete it but appease because there are difficulties that I find a little too pushed so if you could just appease them because it prevents evolution
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#4 2017-11-10 19:03:00
Well, once you get to the point where you're nearly out of ore, you should have built up your civic, antanium, and ant paste production just a little and you should have a few mining operations. That will give you an unlimited supply of ore, it will just be slow at first.

The next thing to do after that is to keep alternating between building mining operations, paste cauldrons, antaneum smelters, and gold piles. This may not quickly increase the production of any one resource, but it helps you get through the bottleneck faster. once you have plenty of mining operations and ore cleansers, your home free.

There is no difficulty in this, it just takes a lot of time to do. At first you'll be watching your resources creep up and be building one building every 5 minutes. but once you've added a little of every type of production, you'll start to see that you can add buildings more often.
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