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Map Expansion and Exploration

#1 2017-11-20 20:39:16
Im currently unhappy with the way you pick your map size at the start, and how you can expand. If you dont know anything about the game when you start, you might pick a smaller sized map because of the warning that bigger maps can compromise game performance. Later, when you are slowly running out of space, you realise your mistake and have to annex land very costly. This puts you at a disadvantage behind players who knew better.

Now to my idea: At the start of the game you can only pick between maybe small and medium. This is the region you know and where you can identify resources. Maybe with some research you can unlock an expedition. You have to bild an rover, that houses 2 citzcens. It drives around the border of the map and as it drives over unknown land, it makes it usable. That way expansion wouldnt be so costly, and there would be one more element of the game. You could explore to an certain map size, and everything over that you have to annex. Also you would only know what resources are in your "landing zone" and every other resource must be identified. The normal rover would have to drive up to it, take a probe and drive back to a lab, where the resource would be identified. There could also be a upgraded rover (that you would have to unlock) which has a little trailer with an lab and houses 4 colonists. It would be able to identify every resource that it drives up to.

Feel free to add tho this idea

#2 2017-11-20 21:38:45
personally i feel everyone should suffer under the tiny amount of space a small map offers.
You do get a lump of each resource that is needed and with rationing it you can easily get to the end.
you do run out of space.
but thats were getting better power,storage and housing comes in handy.
allowing you to replace that feild of solar panels with nuclear power,hydrogen power and the end game purple one.
or replace the many storage silos and water towers with end game purple one as well. :P
and finally replace clustered housing with tall and better ones.
as someone in world of warcraft once told me.
"getting that slightly faster mount speed is a luxury. not really necessary"
I realize thats completely off topic but part of it is useful.
Extra space is a luxury, not always needed.
if you're running out of space think about removing areas.
storage isn't always needed as long as you can support its output most of the buildings can storage just the right amount.
housing can always get better. with the building complex taking 6 tiles 2x3 holding 320 colonists compared to the 1 tile 1x1 shelter only holding 3.
#3 2017-11-20 22:06:02
i love the ideas of a type of camping car who can expand the map
if you don't understand my post i am sorry but if realy want to understand it ask me and i will translate it
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