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Helium on the red planet?

So I was gifted helium 3 from watching an ad. Now I want to build the Alien Power Tower but I can't import any more helium 3 to store it, because I can't build the helium 3 storage tank.

I just build the star gate. I think I have built everything I can. Is there any way to build a helium 3 storage tank? It's not showing up anywhere. I just have to use the hydroelectric for power?

Any help? Thanks!
Can you import Regolith and then build the Helium 3 Extractor?
wow. thank you so much. I am up and running. Now I just have to keep buying regolith. :-)
Another suggestion, especially if you are independent, is to start your own lunar map under your red planet's charter. Then, once you build up your lunar colony enough to have a government building, you can send resources up to your red planet colony.
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