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Zolarg Ice Map unplayable due to lag

Client: Win10
Version: 0.50

Attached save file.

I'm pretty sure this is due to large crystalline formations. If my storage for crystalline is full, the game runs slow but playable. Once I use up any crystalline and they go to harvest more, the game locks up.

I would go and delete some crystalline but it would take a very long time one tile at a time.

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oh yeah...if it is an old enough map it might of been effected by the time crystals could grow on top of each other.
i remember having an awesome field of crystals that were massively overlapping. then the lights up hit my fps was also destroyed.. :P
best thing to do is see if you can bulldozer the whole lot or see if there is a setting to turn off lights..then bulldoze the lot. the crystals...spread quite fast so try to build a road around them...because its in their crystalline book of laws that rum grown crystals aren't allow to cross roads. :P
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