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poney club

i have a idea:
you will thanx FizzlepopBerrytwist because she/he had 'help' to find
the poney club
creat money, 'entenement'(i think it isn't the good word)
but use food
and licorne club
creat a lot of money and a small bit of 'entenement'
was creat by biologique modification who cost a lot of Research
what is more beatiful than a licorn? a double licorn who do rainbow
for the last anwser it is :
no because i don't love licorn
Is this a post for the Bronies!?

If I am reading this right you are proposing a pony club and a unicorn club. The first generated entertainment while consuming food. The second requires the a new resource (Unicorns) which become available after researching biological modification. There are also rainbows.

We have got to see a sketch.

lol i am serious (if you laugh it is normal) with a lot of tec tou learn how to do unicorn who can do rainbow by ------classified------ and paf you have unicorn
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