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I'm so tired of not ever having enough aluminium. I have a ton of alien aluminum generators and recycle centers and still can't come close to producing enough for advance robotics. It's even impossible to trade for on market still because pricing has yet to drop. Maybe on next update a possible increase on alien aluminum generator, i mean the things are expensive enough to build and yet they produce so little
you could try playing on zolarg, they have aluminum mines.... alums on the ground.. =)
You need around 37 alu gens per Advanced robotics.
So overall you need a couple of hundreds of alu gens for your whole colony. See what consumes your alu in the statistics. Maybe you have too many uranium enrichments and they need all of it.

You can try selling the stuff you have a too much and buy/import alu for times when you want to build some new buildings.

Or like rel4x said, make a zolarg subcolony, mine the alu there and gift it to your humans.
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