Long Term Solution?

2019-04-24 08:41:04
Hi I am just wondering if there is a long term solution for water/regolith on lunar?
I am using mainly the water extractor but I got 190 of them and barely supporting 400 colonists this isnt really practical spacewise plus they require regolith.

Is there a way to passively earn regolith? becuase its getting very repetitive having to keep an eye on the mines and build more constantly

2019-04-24 23:35:44
well first what faction you under ? earth or lis ?
Now build labs once you have a few tecks atmosphere plants show up build 50 mid size ones and then make chips then build condensers for water . This is all early game stuff you can get in a few hours btw .
as for reg early game earth has a reg miner bot which can place mines from reg you already have . Then after you get the right teck there is a reg plant that produces it auto . But its later game .
again with chips and low lv tech you can build reg plants that turn reg into ore 10 time more efficiently then compactors . BUT they take chips as well . BUT even 20 which is 1200 chips will take 400 k reg and turn it into 4 million ore

2019-04-25 06:28:38
Ok thanks


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