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2018-04-17 01:10:25
Would be cool if the little chat bubble on the bottom of the screen, where you and members of your charter can chat to each other, had a counter on it, for each unread by you message. Kind of like messenger, if you have an unread message, a counter appairs, and grows, until you read the messages.

So, for example, I'm offline, and my memebers of my LIS charter: Soviet Union Empire, where chatting... when i get online, the chat bubble will have a number on it, depending on how many messages are on there since the last time that I've clicked on the chat bubble. Also a good way to see if others in your charter are trying to chat with you...
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2018-04-20 19:35:34
Sounds good! Easy way to notice that someone wrote something without having to leave the chat open
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