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The Windows Store edition of EZ Register is being migrated to a new code base to provide for faster processing, better printing and cleaner font/toolbar rendering. Because of this migration though, I can not do a typical automatic update of the application. The new version is making a fundamental change to the way application data is saved, and doing a straight upgrade would cause data loss for users, which is unacceptable.

To get around the issue, I am renaming the currently available version of EZ Register to EZ Register Old and removing it from sale, so that no new users can download it. The new package will be uploaded using the name EZ Register.

What do you need to do?

The old version of EZ Register will no longer be maintained and will receive no more updates. If you are fine with this, then you don't really have to do anything at all. If you want to download the old edition again, you can find it in your Windows Store download history as EZ Register Old.

Users are encouraged to migrate over to the new edition of the app, which you can download and install using the following link:

Migrating your data to the new app

If you are moving from the old to the new version of EZ Register, you will want to migrate your data over to the new app, and there are a couple of different ways to do this. Remember not to uninstall the old edition of EZ Register until you have moved your data into the new!

Cloud-Sync Migration

If you have an Ape Apps Account, then probably the easiest migration path is to use the cloud-sync feature. When signed into the old version of the app, click on the File menu, open Ledger Settings and make sure that Cloud Sync is enabled:

Then all you need to do is sign in to the new app using your account, and your Ledger should be there. If you have multiple ledgers, you will need to enable cloud-sync for each one individually.

Backup File Migration

If you do not have an Ape Apps Account or if you are having troubles with the cloud-sync feature, then you can export and import your ledgers manually. From the File menu on the old app, select Backup Ledger and save your *.ezr file somewhere on your system where you can access it.

Then to import your data, on the new app open the File menu and select Restore Backup. Find the *.ezr file you exported in the last step and import it. Do this for each ledger you want to migrate over to the new app.

Premium Upgrade

Because the new app and the old app are separate packages, users who purchased the Premium upgrade will find that it does not automatically transfer from the old app to the new. Don't worry though, I will not make you repurchase the app a second time.

If you have an Ape Apps Account, signing in to the old app should have automatically saved your purchase history to your account, and so there is nothing you need to do. Your premium will be available in the new app. If you have already purchased Premium but do not have an Ape Apps Account, you can simply create one, sign in to the old app, and it should sync your purchase to your account. You may have to close/open the app a couple of times if it does not sync properly.

If you do not have/want an account or if the premium is not syncing, you can e-mail me. Just let me know that you are trying to migrate your EZ Register Premium key and tell me the Microsoft Account you used to purchase the app on the Windows Store and I will get everything taken care of for you. You can also send me a message here on the forums with the same information.
2y ago
I had a request from an EZ Register user to be able to import data from a now defunct Android app called simply Checkbook, created by Digital Life Solutions, LLC. I looked into the Checkbook app, and saw that when you exported the account data as a spreadsheet, you were actually given a standard .csv file. EZ Register v1.14.0 and above now has the ability to import this .csv data directly into an account. Although this feature was designed specifically to import data from the Checkbook app, it can be used to import any data that is saved in .csv format, so long as the data is arranged in the same way.

The only real requirement is that your .csv columns (fields) be arranged in the following order: "category","description","value","date","check number","memo". The export on the old Checkbook app does this automatically, but you can also create data in a standard spreadsheet application like Excel or Libreoffice Calc and save it as a .csv file, and EZ Register will be able to import it, so long as the columns are arranged in the same order. Below is some sample .csv data:
"category","description","value","date","check number","memo"
"Starting Balance","Starting Balance","20.23","Mon May 31 09:09:41 CDT 2021","","null"
"Allowance","a cool deposit","52.0","Mon May 31 09:39:41 CDT 2021","",""
"Food","mcdonalds","-16.25","Mon May 31 09:40:41 CDT 2021","13",""
In a spreadsheet application, the same data may look like this:

categorydescriptionvaluedatecheck numbermemo
Starting BalanceStarting Balance20.23Mon May 31 09:09:41 CDT 2021
Allowancea cool deposit52.00Mon May 31 09:39:41 CDT 2021
Foodmcdonalds-16.25Mon May 31 09:40:41 CDT 202113

Either way, once you have your *.csv file, importing it into EZ Register is fairly straight forward. Create a new account in your ledger for the data, and then once in the account, select Import .csv from the menu, and choose your data. Your account will be populated with your exported transactions.

That's all there is to it! If you have issues or questions with this feature, feel free to reply to this thread.
2y ago
EZ Register has just been updated to v1.12.0, and the update should be hitting all platforms in the coming days. This patch makes the following changes:
  • You can now delete a ledger from the Ledger Settings menu
  • Custom reports can now be exported in .csv format (readable by excel/google sheets/etc)
  • Added experimental support for importing Quicken format .qif data
  • Bug fixes
EZ Register is available on most platforms, and you can find download links for all editions on the Ape Market:

3y ago
The EZ Checks app allows you to bulk print multiple checks at a time by importing rows of check data saved in *.csv (comma separated values) format. You can create .csv data with any basic text editing application, or by using a spreadsheet app such as Excel.

A CSV file comprises of rows of data separated by the comma. Since the comma is the delimiter, you should avoid using a comma in the data itself. For example, if your check input data includes addresses, you would omit the comma that is normally between the city and state code.

EZ Checks expects check data to be in the following order:

date, amount, check number, memo/note, recipient name, recipient address line 1, recipient address line 2, recipient id

All fields are optional, and if you are omitting one just simply leave it blank. For example, leaving the check number blank will cause EZ Checks to simply use the next highest check number ready to be used on your account file.

The recipient id field is used for tracking payments to a specific person for reporting purposes. It is optional, but if you provide a unique ID number for a payee, the app will keep track of all of their payments for you. Once payroll functionality is added to the EZ Register app, it will automatically do this for you.

Here is an example of some .csv data:

04/16/23,245.22,145,,roy munson,124 munson way,my town MO 12345
04/22/23,126.18,146,special gift,roy munson,124 munson way,my town MO 12345
04/28/23,689.12,147,,roy munson,124 munson way,my town MO 12345

You can download the above file and import it into EZ Checks for testing, or open it in a text editor or spreadsheet app to get an idea of what you need to put together.

I designed the .csv import function to be pretty straight forward and cover all of the basics. If there are more fields you would like to see added or features you need implemented, you can reply to this thread and let me know!

Eventually EZ Register and EZ Sheets will be updated with functionality to easily export check data in the correct format/order, I just have not gotten around to it yet (but will update this thread once I do).

1y ago
If you are on Windows, on the old computer you can just go to file -> save as to save your ez register file to a USB stick or anywhere else you need to, then just drag/drop it to the new computer. You can load your EZ Register file on the new computer by just double-clicking it, once EZ Register is installed.
11mo ago

Can anyone tell me if there's an easy way to enter recurring transactions into EZ Register? For example, I have a monthly charge on my credit card for Netflix that is set up for an automatic withdrawal every month. Does EZ Register have an easy way for me to enter this transaction to repeat every month?

Thanks for your help!
2y ago
Recently, my sort order in EZ-Register changed from newest transactions first to something random I cannot figure out. There is also no way (that i have found) to re-sort the register descending by date.

What am I missing, and can a basic "click on header to sort" functionality be added in a future release?
2y ago
EZ Register does not have a sort order option and only currently supports showing newest transactions first, so it is strange that your register is showing a random order. what platform are you running this on (windows/ios/android/etc?)
1y ago
If you have Premium for My Colony on your phone, then you most likely purchased it thru the Apple Pay or the Google Pay. Might want to check your emails or other records for that. If you did purchase it that way, then once you sign into your Ape Apps account on your phone, it should register that you have it and the PC version should register it as well after sign in.
6y ago
misteddawn said:If you have Premium for My Colony on your phone, then you most likely purchased it thru the Apple Pay or the Google Pay. Might want to check your emails or other records for that. If you did purchase it that way, then once you sign into your Ape Apps account on your phone, it should register that you have it and the PC version should register it as well after sign in.

I really didn’t pay a cent cause I don’t have any money in my iTunes account
And if I go on my profile nothing shows up and says that I’m not premium
6y ago
Today I have made a great improvement to productivity apps hosted on, as well as improvements to all Ape Web Apps that you install to your desktop as a Progressive Web App using either Google Chrome or the new Chromium based Edge browser. To demonstrate the changes, consider my app EZ Register, the free personal accounting and finance application from Ape Apps.

Productivity apps that use the Toolbar interface will no longer use the slide-out side menu that my games use, unless the current window size is under 600px wide. Instead, you will now be presented with a more traditional desktop-like menu bar, where items are better organized than before.

In addition, if you click on the Help menu, supported browsers now have an "Install" option which will allow you to easily install the web app as a PWA desktop application, complete with it's own icon and native window.

The installed application gets it's own themed window and can be pinned to your taskbar, start menu, or desktop.

The application window theme will also automatically update itself to match the underlying app theme color.

And for applications that do not use a toolbar (like games), you can still install them to your desktop for the native experience using Chrome's (or new Edge's) built-in install option:

Installing your favorite Ape Web Apps to your desktop is a great idea. Not only do you get a dedicated window and launcher icon, but also using the Progressive Web App version of the applications allows them to run when your internet connection is down (as long as the app itself does not require online access). So go ahead and give it a try!

4y ago
JanetandTim said:Can two users work with one ledger? Basically a joint account.
Yes. On EZ Register, both devices would need to be signed in using the same Ape Apps Account. Then you would need to open the Ledger Settings menu and enable Cloud Sync.

4y ago
I love EZ Register! I have only one question. How can I delete a bank account I no longer use?
3y ago
Glad you like it, @candyroath !

On the main register screen, you can click on the little trash can icon to delete an account:

3y ago
When I go to EZ Register Print account, all I get are blank pages. I have restarted the program and computer numerous times. Any thoughts and/or suggestions on this?
3y ago
I'm on Windows 10
EZ Register v1.16.0

It used to show me transactions in date order :)
1y ago
I just purchased an EZ register premium upgrade license key, uploaded the key, and nothing has happened. My profile still shows as not upgraded. I tried to re upload my key, and I get a response back that I cannot upload the same key more than once. Please provide some assistance.
1y ago
I just started using EZ Register, free version so far, and put it on my android phone, my wife's iphone, and our ipad. On everything but my phone I can see a running balance after each transaction. On the iphone that shows after rotating the phone to landscape mode. On my android the app doesn't yet seem to be able to operate in landscape mode. Is running balance or screen rotation a premium feature for android on this app? Am I missing something? Could you add a running balance feature to the android version? Otherwise, this app seems awesome, thank you for building and developing it!
1y ago
I got a new computer how do I install my ez register from old computer to new computer
11mo ago
Hi, I am having an issue restoring a backup file in EZ Register on my iPad. Is anyone else having this issue? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
8mo ago
Hi, I am having an issue restoring a backup file in EZ Register on my iPad. Is anyone else having this issue? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
8mo ago
Just logged in and ez register has been changed so I cannot see running totals on my iPhone app. This is the reason why I paid for the app . Useless to me now for planning.

How can I get running totals back?
5mo ago
Can someone please tell me why my register isnt saving the info I input daily. Thanks Therese
4mo ago
Dude there was no spam, you banned my account by mistake along with someone else, at least fess up. Can I please have the block removed on my old account so I can re-register.

6y ago
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platform.js:75 Web App Core Platform Init: web
6y ago
Federations are currently groups of players in a chat room, as Federations themselves are not part of the game yet.
We help each other out with resources, tips, exchanging embassies and having fun with almost any other topic.

Join the FFF and see yourself:
(Keep your charter code at hand to register after you joined.)
6y ago
I am not sure, but I believe you have to register as a user. Sign in or create a user and then you should be able to get online and (hopefully) access your game file.
6y ago
Dumb question, but how do I register NB under Android? I have the key downloaded.

6y ago
Updates from Discord!

The Wizard Elections are coming soon. It is only open to Sorcerers. As such, if you are independent and do not have the Sorcerer Rank, and would like to participate. You have a few days to do so.

Wizards have the second highest power in the NOZ Discord. They are essentially Junior Admins, as well as have active My Colony games to help people in need. They are required to be active on Discord and In-Game. The SC would like to remind candidates that once your rank is given to you, you must continue to earn that rank through your duties and responsibilities in this server.

The Wizard Election is now open for candidates. Please DM @Starlord to register. Please read above for description/rules.

Registered Candidates

*All usernames are Discord Usernames.
6y ago
So, from what I can understand you either have not signed in with an Ape Apps account, which is now mandatory to play online, or it is something else. Are you connected to internet?

Make an account here;

5y ago
Have you tried the version from the Ape Apps store on this site? You can install the Ape Apps Launcher, sign in, and any games you have bought premium for will register it when they are installed.

Also, if you still have the *.amk file you can still make sure your account has premium. Just go here:

Scroll down and you can see what apps have premium or don't and you can add the amk file (if you have it) to apply it if premium doesn't show.

@Bastecklein - might need some dev help for him with premium if he can't figure out the premium.
5y ago
The first time the video was presented, I really liked to watch it. But not so for the second and third,... Yes, giving the galactic gift straigt up, would be nice. The received message can still can contain the video of course! One might be actually interessting sometimes!

@bastecklein, you are absolutely right. But does it work the other way round? If I bought on on play store without ape account? And if I then register to ape and sign in? If that is the case then I was wrong. My fault then. I understood the web page that they called buying via ape to be an advantage (over other purchasing options)

My Colony is completely free, but it is supported by in-app advertising. Premium upgrade options are available on all major platforms, but if you purchase a license key directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a license key file which unlocks the upgraded version of My Colony on all platforms! Click Here for more info.

From that quote I deducted maybe wrongly, that its not possible to transfer a premium version from android google play to a ape account to a pc version.

Btw... I watched the galactic ad video. After reading the text message. The galactic empire has a gift for me!!! Watching the video... What really? I get this advertised game for free today? Thats nice. Oh wait, its just the non-premium version, which _is_ already free for all. Ahhh I see. Its just the free resources that is a free gift. Okay fair enough... next day... Again the same free game advertised to me. Yes! And its still free. Today, tomorrow, and every time in future. What a farce. :D

Many people say I interpret too much things into words, overall. They could be right. So I dont blame anyone. But still don't like that "kind of communication".
5y ago
Today I am publishing the v0.76.0 build of My Colony to all platforms. I was traveling all of last week, and due to the holiday I will be with family for the remainder of this week (U.S. Thanksgiving), so I was not able to spend much time on this release or really dig deep into the code. There were a couple of easy fixes that I wanted to get in there before the holiday though, as well as a little more content. So here is the rundown.

Firstly, the issue where Federation ballots were duplicated should now be fixed. Also, there was a bug where several money-related achievements were not posting. These should be working now. Also, and I have not been able to test this, but now when a colony has been disconnected from the server due to inactivity, it should now automatically register a new charter code when the player comes back online, with no further action required of the player. I have also implemented several fixes on the server side which caused stats not to be updating. Finally, any bug that caused a stack-trace exception to be reported to the error tracker has been addressed.

Beyond those fixes, I have added new content, primarily to the Zolarg.

Zolarg have two new techs to unlock now, Insectoid Oil Production and Mystic Uranium Generation. These techs unlock new structures, including the Petropit, the Petrocone, and the Unholy Uranium Generator. These additions are moving the Zolarg closer to being able to build Starships, which will be necessary for the Federation content I plan on adding soon.

The Reptilians get an upgraded capitol building called the Chamber of our Fathers, which also doubles as their very first Research producing building, so Reptilians are soon going to be getting a tech tree. Of course, and as with other things Reptilian, it will be a bit different than the other two races. Things are going to start getting crazy for the Reptilians, and you will even be seeing some My Colony lore emerge about the link between the Reptilians and the Ancient Aliens who are an underpinning presence across a lot of the game.

So that is about it for today. There is a lot more to come on all fronts, I just did not have a lot of time to do work over the last week and over the coming days, although I still wanted to get some fixes for My Colony pushed out. So stay tuned, and thanks for playing!
5y ago
For some reason when I build some of the buildings glitch?
The buttons don't work and my bots aren't building it?
Same with this one:
And this one, but this one is displaying as being built completely?
This one isn't being displayed at all:
playing on steam version

EDIT: Still unable to build certain buildings, when I build something it will display as it does when its being constructed but the game doesn't seem to register that something exists there because I can build other stuff on top of it, and bots won't construct it.

EDIT 2: Read for more information
5y ago
MasterHutchGaming said:All that horror story aside, has anyone found a way to fix the issue?

I had the same issues as you guys, had to kill off all my colonists twice due to a fire drill.
So the way I keep it in check is put the workload on light most of the time, then when they whine about being uneducated, put it on overtime. They will be bothered by fatigue more than being uneducated.
the game seems to register this as uneducated being solved. Then when it's a bit under half yellow from the fatigue set it to light again, the yellow will keep increasing until 3/4ths or so before going back down.
should leave you with an approval rating of above 90
5y ago
Ape Apps, LLC is an independent software development company founded in 2010 by Brandon Stecklein. Over the years, Ape Apps has published over 400 apps and games across various platforms. You can get in touch with Brandon on Twitter or by leaving a post on his wall @bastecklein
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