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I have updated the Terra Nova 4X public beta to v0.2.0 this morning, and the update should now be live to all who have the installed PWA or are using the Ape Apps Launcher (or just the plain old website);

Along with fixing some bugs, this update adds the Construction Quay structure, along with the new Destroyer and Submarine units (provided by @GeneralWadaling ).

Desert biomes now properly create Oil deposits (before they were creating full on Oil Refineries). You now have to build an Oil Refinery next to an Oil Deposit.

The Charcoal Burner structure now requires that your civilization have access to the Wood resource.

The Artillery and Light Tank units (as well as the new Destroyer) now require that you have access to the Oil resource.

Overall map sizes have been reduced slightly, because I feel like it was placing players too far apart from each other and thus slowing down the action.

I plan on updating the beta every few weeks with new units, features and fixes, so keep leaving the suggestions and comments here and stay tuned for more!


3mo ago
A big upgrade coming to the Terra Nova 4X engine that was missing from My Empire is full multiplayer support! Now working in the beta (https://terranova.my-colony.com/?beta=1), you can host a multiplayer game with as many people on your Ape Apps friends list as your internet connection can handle.

Playing multiplayer also unlocks both text and voice chat, so you can easily communicate with other players in your game.

My goal is to release Terra Nova 4X, at least in one form or another, by the end of next month (March 2023). I can't promise that everything will be 100% complete by then, but it will finally be done enough for at least a Web/Launcher/possibly Android release. This game has been on my plate for about two years now, so I am really anxious to finally get it taken care of, sop check out the "beta," report on issues/concerns you have, and let me know what you think so far:


6mo ago
After sitting on the back burner for over a year, Terra Nova 4X is finally coming soon, and I hope to have an initial release done as early as next month. In preparation, I have created a new Terra Nova 4X section on the forums to house all things related to the game.

If you have any ideas, art work, voxel models, etc that you would like to see included into the game, now would be the time, and feel free to start a new thread here on the Terra Nova forum. There has already been some great work submitted by @GeneralWadaling which I am starting to implement, but of course all are welcome to contribute to the game!

For those unaware, Terra Nova 4X is the next evolution of the strategy game engine I created for My Empire and is based in the My Colony Universe. Engine improvements over My Empire include support for multiple factions, expanded map improvement options (farms, mines, forts, etc), trade, improved diplomacy, significantly larger map sizes and more.

Terra Nova 4X is going to be my top development priority over the next several weeks, which is why now would be the time to get your ideas/suggestions/content posted if you would like to see it in the game. I plan to have at least the initial version released by sometime in March, so it is coming soon. You can track the development progress at it's new URL:


7mo ago


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