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Multiplayer comes to Terra Nova 4X

A big upgrade coming to the Terra Nova 4X engine that was missing from My Empire is full multiplayer support! Now working in the beta (, you can host a multiplayer game with as many people on your Ape Apps friends list as your internet connection can handle.

Playing multiplayer also unlocks both text and voice chat, so you can easily communicate with other players in your game.

My goal is to release Terra Nova 4X, at least in one form or another, by the end of next month (March 2023). I can't promise that everything will be 100% complete by then, but it will finally be done enough for at least a Web/Launcher/possibly Android release. This game has been on my plate for about two years now, so I am really anxious to finally get it taken care of, sop check out the "beta," report on issues/concerns you have, and let me know what you think so far:

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