Here is a cheat sheet/reference card for the current keyboard controls. I can add more in future updates upon request.

My Land Keyboard Controls Reference

Arrow Keys/WASD: Move cursor
[+]/[-]: Zoom in/out
[Shift] or [Enter]: Same as click (Harvest crops, etc)
[Q] or [Ctrl]: Toggle between hand/build
[E] or [Space]: Next Tool
[R] or [Alt]: Previous Tool
[Esc]: Open menu
[<] and [>]: Previous/Next Tool

Those are the basics. The layout makes it pretty easy (in my opinion) to play the entire game using only your left hand and the WASD (plus surrounding) keys. I added controls to the other side of the keyboard too for people who prefer the arrows and whatnot. Or use a combination of both. I might have added a couple of others and forgot about them, so just play around and figure it out, lol. I will update this thread as I add more controls, and feel free to reply with suggestions!