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Introduction to the new Lava World - Page 2

yeah but then you know what areas to avoid if the eruptions come from the volcanoes. The craters might be good, but doesn't the lava that falls from the sky on eruptions leave obsidian? I haven't played lava world yet because I play on desktop.
It apears that some users have gotten the update early, what platform have they received it from(andriod apple etc)?
bkudaimi said:It apears that some users have gotten the update early, what platform have they received it from?

They're playing the web version of the game.
Tradable by GBT and gifting is good, but please don't make other ways of acquiring it for online colonies, like the stargate/elevator or black market.

If offline colonies can't switch to online anymore, they should be allowed to buy it in another way.

If it's just buyable, like the crystals, there's no real need to go through a lava map. People will just buy it from the infinite stargate resource.
When it comes to lava worlds I am sticking to mega-sized maps. Medium-sized maps always seem to see my settlements being ground zero for volcanic eruptions.
Commonwealth of Groddle
Groddle | Bell's Pyramid | Glitch
Yes, make sure it's a mega. Any smaller and you are doomed unless you can push the lava completely out of the map. But then you don't have an unlimited supply of obsidian. It's a big tradeoff, but if you think that you have enough obsid for now and you want to settle and built a permanent colony, then I would exterminate the lava.
Okay, why is page 3 and 4 completely empty?

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