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So just want to say that I'm enjoying the new lava world and it's a real challenge to keep a colony going long enough to reduce the atmosphere to below 15 mil in this planet type. I appreciate bast using some of my suggestions and incorporating them into his scheme of things, and I think that with a few tweaks, this planet could be even more awesome and attract more people to it. So here are a bunch of my ideas for how this world could be amped up.

1.) Since it would make sense that a flying object would not be affected by anything that happens on the ground, I would love to see that same rule be put in place by my colony. This way, you can have queens in the air at all times in case an eruption goes off and kills all of your mounds. Then you have a guarantee to start over and not lose the game. then, if someone loses their mounds with no queens in the air, it's on them for not taking precautions.

2.) eruptions stop when the atmosphere is under 50 million, but lava still spreads until the atmosphere gets under 1 million atmosphere. Once the atmosphere is at optimum range, the player should attempt to put the lava out of it's misery since they would have idea number 3.

3.) Obsidian extractors. The lava planet is just awash in lava, and has been like that since it was formed. Therefore, layers of obsidian deposited by lava flows over time are buried beneath the planets surface and can be harvested via an obsidian extractor once the atmosphere is under 15 mil. This is optional, because yes, the obsidian is supposed to be a hard-to-get resource. However, if a player survives long enough to reduce the atmosphere all the way down from 500 to below 15 million, I would think that they deserve a safe supply of obsidian.

4.) sugar furnaces. These would be made from obsidian and would burn sugar hotter and produces as much power as a power spire. Small amounts of obsidian are constantly consumed, since some obsidian is mixed with the sugar to maintain a high temperature burn. Use this idea if wood is not going to be a viable resource on the lava world, which I doubt it is.

5. Dark versions of all of the buildings that require wood if wood isn't going to be an acquirable resource on this world. obsidian can take the place of the wood requirement in many advanced buildings if you make dark versions that resemble obsidian.

6. Dynamic planetary response to atmosphere level. It would be nice to make the lava world turn into an earth-like world when it reaches optimum atmosphere level, and crystal deposits could turn purple or green or some other color that's not being implemented right now. And then it would be nice to see the planet change from an earth-like world to an ice world once the atmosphere is below 1 mil atmosphere, at which no more lava flows and the crystals turn blue. What do yall think, wouldn't that make it more interesting? In fact, you could make all planets turn into a lava world and cause lava to spread once the planet gains too much atmosphere in my opinion. And then you can make them turn to ice worlds or red planet-like worlds when the atmosphere gets too low. Those would be the ultimate penalties for not managing your atmosphere correctly. I would still only allow obsidian extractors on worlds that began as lava worlds though.

7.) obsidian made structures are resistant to lava, but not lava proof. Obsidian structures that are contacted by lava will sustain constant and mild to moderate damage. More advanced buildings will be more resistant to lava, and some may even be impervious depending on their function. This could be another function of obsidian, since, if bast were to follow my idea of replacing the wood requirement with obsidian, then lots of buildings would have dark versions that have obsidian in place of wood, and wouldn't ya think that obsidian would have a natural resistance to lava. Anything that is made even of a little bit of obsidian should have at least a small resistance to lava.

8.) Lava world for humans. Since one of my ideas was to make all planets turn into lava worlds when they become shrouded in dense atmosphere, it would be fitting to give humans a crack at the lava world as well. I mean, they have more advanced technology than zolarg, so if zolarg can do it, why can't humans do it?

Well, those are my ideas, hope yall like them. Again, I'm very grateful for how the lava world turned out and these are not complaints, I just want to give some ideas that would do the lava world some justice.

6y ago
Greeting again to everybody. Just in time for the weekend is yet another glorious update to My Colony, v0.61.0! There have been a handful of changes made in this release, so let's take a look at what I've done to your precious sweet space simulation game!

My Colony v0.61.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Independence Hall Level 3, Obsidian Furnace, Larger Residential Complex, Gravitational Compression Warehouse, Galactic Fine Arts Exposition, Patricians Den, Obelisk of Plenty, Unholy Obsidian Burner
  • New Resource: Painting
  • New Premium Content: Statue of Admiral Tots, Caution Sign
  • Preliminary My Tokens Integration: Players who have created avatars using the My Tokens app will now see them appear in their game as tourists.
  • Queen and Obsidiobug can now be built at the Unholy Mound of Worship
  • Star Gate can now import/export Obsidian
  • Customs Processing can now import/export Alien Artifacts and Obsidian
  • Space Elevator can now import/export Plastic
  • Black Market Bazaar now has a chance to produce Paintings
  • Medium Range Star Gate can now import/export Obsidian, Pottery, Paintings, and Ant Paste
  • Added a new keyboard hotkey shortcut for flipping structures (f).
  • Added 'Build Another' button to the object options screen to 'clone' an existing building
  • Added a building count to each build option on the construction sidebar
  • The Cloning Facility and Luxury Tower can now be flipped
  • Added engine support for blinking lighting effects, blinking has been added to the Landing Pad lights
  • Storage Limits have been implemented for Ore and Regolith
  • Obsidiobug can now be built on all Insectoid worlds
  • The Unholy Core Mine now has a chance to produce Obsidian
  • Ancient Instructions trading added to the GBT
  • Switching an offline colony into online mode now comes with a steep resource penalty.

There were quite a few small changes in this release, a lot of them relating to Obsidian now becoming a resource used in construction. All civilizations now have a way to produce Obsidian to varying degrees.

I introduced a couple of small UI changes based on suggestions in the feedback forum that I think people are going to like, one adds a small counter to the build menu showing how many structures of each type are built (currently up to 99, I might expand that), and the other adds a "++" icon to the object options for structures allowing you to quickly queue up a certain building type for construction. They will be pretty self explanatory in game, but if you want more information, refer to the relevant threads here and here.

I started adding basic support for My Tokens in My Colony with this release. You can get detailed information in this thread, but as of right now, Tokens you create have a small random chance to show up in your game as tourists. The Tokens stuff will be optional, but will also be expanded quite a bit over the next couple of months for those who wish to use this additional social feature for the game. To create Token avatars for both My Colony and the forum, you can check out the in-development web app right now at this location:

This LIS finally received a long awaited upgrade to their capitol building, the Independence Hall Level 3. Because of the way the LIS government tree works, it is actually the equivalent of the United Earth's Capitol Level 5 in terms of trade capacity and policy unlocks. I plan on getting LIS up to par with United Earth in government structures probably next update.

Reptilians got a couple of new structures this time, along with the ability to build the already existing Water Pool, which just goes great with their lovely River Pebbles. The new Reptilian Galactic Fine Arts Exposition unlocks a new resource the luxury Painting. This will be used by all civilizations for luxury structures, once there are enough of them out there for trading. The paintings are also available to the LIS through the Black Market Bazaar. In addition to Paintings, the Galactic Fine Arts Exposition also brings tourism to the Reptilian worlds.

The humble Zolarg got a couple of new structures this time, one for producing Obsidian, and a long needed upgrade to the Money Pit, the Obelisk of Plenty, which is sort of their scaled back equivalent to the Humans' Investment Bank. I still have a lot of Zolarg content to add, but their graphics take longer to do so my motivation has been lower to work on them :-/

Next, you will notice that the storage caps for Ore and Regolith have finally been implemented. I announced this back in December, so there has really been plenty of time to prepare. These were the last two resources without storage caps, so it only made sense to turn on. To aid with this, there is a new storage building called the Gravitational Compression Warehouse, which stores up to 4 million of everything. Basically, one of these buildings (or two maybe) gives you enough storage to build anything in the game and then some, so I think there is plenty of storage available for those who need it.

On the more technical side, the Windows 10 version had quite a few fixes and upgrades this time, and now gains the ability for cross-platform offline LAN multiplayer that all of the other versions already had. Due to the changes though, the Windows Store version now requires at least the Anniversary Update to Windows 10. Now, this update came out like two years ago now, so pretty much everyone should have the Anniversary Update. If you don't though, be sure to get it so you can upgrade to the latest version of My Colony. Or just use the Ape Apps Launcher, which works on any Desktop platform.

Finally, the price of My Colony Premium has now been raised by $1. I announced this change back in January, and have finally implemented it. The game has a ton of content at this point with free online play, and honestly I think its a bigger game than many offerings on Steam which go for $10 minimum. It would be nice if the game could have no free version and just cost $4 straight up for everything, no ads. The ads are actually the source of many of the game crashes on mobile, but honestly I can't feed my family without them, so it is what it is :-/ But I do appreciate everybody who has paid for premium and helped make this game what it is today!

So that's it for this update. Hope you enjoyed, and there is a lot more to come, so stay tuned!
6y ago
Prepare for a wall of text, throwing this to see what sticks, what doesn't.
As usual, the cost, speed, and other stats of suggested things can be and are up to the developer.

Bold names are whole Ideas, with underlined Names being each part of that idea if it has more than one.

More Reptilian Probes
The Reptilians, I feel, should eventually just move from slave labor to a mechanized workforce.
As a result, I'd like to suggest more types of Probes.

Ore Probe
Alt Name(s): Ore Mining Probe
Description: Those pesky Eruption Ores are no longer out of reach!

Purpose: To mine Ore deposits, main point of this though is that the Probe can move over obsidian and lava to get at ore deposits in the direct middle of lava planet eruptions.

Obsidian Probe
Alt Names(s): Obsidian Cutting Probe (Name is as such due to how Obsidian is irl "mined" and it's with cutting/scalpel and piercing tools).
Description: Clear lava fields of Obsidian with ease!

Purpose: To mine Obsidian deposits, like the Ore Probe, it's mainly more for going where bugs cannot.

Diabolic Probe
Alt Names(s): Crystalline Probe, Crystal Cutting Probe (I imagine Crystalline to be glass-like, only a bit tougher, but still capable of fracturing into shards and pointy edges.)
Description: Your bugs are doing a passable job. now do an amazing job of mining Crystalline.

Purpose: Again, mainly suggested for the hovering, but also this Probe will have a far higher carry capacity, to help accommodate for the fact that crystalline on lava planets eventually just gets out of control, or to help fill your storage even faster, depending on whatever PoV fits the reptilians best.

Aluminum Probe
Description: Harvest Aluminum in places Bugs can't go!

Purpose: Hovers, lets you harvest Aluminum after eruptions.

Gold Probe
Description: Collect that shiny, shiny gold in places too hazardous for Bugs.

Purpose: Hovers, can Harvest gold in lava fields.

Have a Probe for just basically every deposit a reptilian could ever need one for. I alos mention hovering, because it what Probes look like they do, even if they're probly more just flying. Probes can't do insectoid operations, however.

Faster Probes
Probes, IMO are too slow. I feel it should have the advantage of Pavement speed boosts, only all the time, since they fly. I'd like their main purpose to be an almost total replacement of your workforce for more efficient and better units. But in this process, they'd lose all bonuses for paths, save for...

Gravity-Controlled Lanes
I'd also like a special type of path that only works with probes and other Hover/Flying units, but doubles their speed, or something close to it, and infact works as an obstacle for anything that can't fly or hover, by reducing speed by just as much, with a max decrease in speed resulting in a total of 0.2 units of speed. but that's more just for consideration than a real wishlist item.
For visuals, it'd look like a purple tile with a blue glow coming off it. For stats, I figure it'd take like 50 power a piece, and would give off alot of light too. Or not.

Purpose: Literally just a 2x2 version of the Microcondenser, only far more powerful for water production, for those colonies that might one day just be building microcondensers like they're nothing.

Gold/Aluminum Grow Bed
Description: With the power of overpowered Science, placing ore, water, crystalline, and gold, somehow creates... more gold, but also aluminum!
Purpose: A combo of a gold Grower and an Aluminum Grower, but now it's either 2x2, or 3x3.

Water Pools resist Eruptions

I don't mean it'll STOP them, but it makes it less likely that an eruption happens within 8 tiles but only in locations where there's 3 tiles of water all around one tile of water.
If an eruption cannot happen because Water Pools are all blocking it from happening, the Eruption happens where the least water pools are located, the blocking effect is ignored.

Water Pools and Lava will constantly clash if directly next to one another and both are filled enough to visibly touch, reducing lava count, but also eventually destroying water pools to create obsidian.

Lava Repulsion Matrix
Description: After spending so long on such a hostile environment, robotics-enhanced and enslaved insectoids have finally created something to repel lava!

Purpose: Literally does what it says, repels lava, forcing it away rather quickly, but costing stupid amounts of energy, and it's 3x3, but has excessive range.
Or, dev, you can imagine it's a "build One" type of deal with less power usage. Sort of like a Capitol in a United Earth Colony, only it's not the government building.
Works on eruptions as well, preventing them within a smaller range.
Very Expensive though compared to everything else, and requires a large workforce, I'm thinking, someplace in the 1K-10K range of Workers.

Hell, it could be 5x5 and probly still be worth it imo, it'd be like a Wonder, takes ridiculous amounts of stuff to make, but gives you really good benefits.

Incomplete Artificial Planet
Difficulty: A Literal Nightmare.
Description: You know nothing of Difficulty.

Resources: Steel Mounds, Aluminum Piles, Circuit Cases.
Obstacles: Pits, 0 Starting Atmosphere, and a constant reduction of Atmosphere of 1 Billion/Million per second, Very little starting resources on even Abundant settings.

Factions: Only Reptilians, OR, a purely mechanical new faction later down the road (if that'll ever happen.) I'm thinking... some kind of race that salvages other tech and canonically feared by all, even the Reptilians, due to how they literally cannibalize technology and only live in ship graveyards, or remnants of gigantic space husks of abandoned super-projects.
This faction, in my mind, would be sorta like raggedy metal robot zombies, like maybe destroyed or malfunctioning robots possessed by souls of various other factions? Could even be a horrifying remnant of the "Aliens" faction referenced by alot of United Earth and LIS buildings.
The starting unit would probably fly, with all early and even mid-game buildings looking sort of crappy and disheveled, with the motto "It just works" behind all art design, until the late-game structures which look pristine and VERY chunky/tough.

Rundown: This planet can only gain deposits from meteors landing at purely random locations, with no real discrimination when it comes to map edges, meaning corners aren't safe, unlike in Lava Planets.
Everytime a Meteor lands, it creates pit randomly, but where it doesn't, it creates various metal-based deposits and purely at random. Sometimes none is created, and alot of Pit tiles are placed instead.
A Pit is a useless tile that represents that there's literally nothing there but darkness and space. it can be replaced, but the tile to do so is very expensive.

However, wreckages could also crash into the map, creating either absurd amounts of material of only durable goods and nothing raw beyond Oil, but having a massive range to the affected area, if anything, make it so it's always blobby-in shape for spawned material piles.

Pits would spawn like massive rivers to begin with.

The Size of the map as it currently is, will increase the likelihood of meteors or wreckages smacking into the map area. Reason I don't say wreckages wouldn't make pits, is because something like the framework for a planet to give it it's gravity, a ship or even station wreck crashing into it, would stick into said framework, since said framework has to be MILES in depth.
But the Pits spawn semi-frequently, but become way more common as you increase past say... a Small map size. Pits will spawn even MORE excessively if you expand the map border.

If it was possible, I'd have an ability for the base tile type to be changed, as if making a path, but without actually blocking building upon it. Purpose of this would be to make it so that you can repair the framework, complete the artificial planet, and then just create a death planet or something, I dunno, while more complete tile types would result in both faster movement speed, building ontop of them, AND resistance to pits forming to replace said tiles.

Forgot to mention, this planet will occasionally be hit by Asteroids, which will create Lava, that after a while, create pits, unless Water pools, at that point do as I suggest, and create obsidian at the expense of sacrificing lava tiles. Asteroids will create stupid large holes of pits, but they are VERY rare, with all sorts of materials forming a wall around said holes.

Strategy: The whole map would be about placing structures at random and scattered all over, while hoarding stupid amounts of resources as all kinds crash about, with really no real sort of safe areas coming along until far in the tech tree.

Purpose: For the Ultimate Difficulty. The place would look like the framework for a low-class artificial planet left to collect dust in space, but has since drifted to the very tips of the galaxy, or even universe, which is why Pits are a solid black color.
It's to test if someone can truly move on their toes and adapt to any situation. And to also make the stubborn and masochistic suffer. >:D

Note: If this does get added to a secret list of "Things I'd love to add" then I promise, I will contribute to most if not all of the art assets, you just worry about the actual operation of the thing. :3

Upgrade Menu
A button in the bottom left of the screen, always there, but not always filled via the menu that comes up if you click on it.

It's a scroll menu, with a bar ofcourse, and it only displays in each item the [Original Building] with an arrow next to it pointing to the [Upgraded Building] and a Button next to that for Upgrade One, with the resources indicated near or on/under said button, black text being that it's all good, you can upgrade fully, and easily, and red text indicating that you can't upgrade it fully
One more button next to that, the same thing, but for Upgrade All.

Purpose of this is to allow players a way of easily viewing upgrades they have tech-access to. This includes buildings they have no resources for.

You can start the upgrade building process even with not enough resources, but a dialog could warn you that it's a bad idea if the building is crucial and you can live without it until construction is done.

Allow construction of a building without the needed resources
I never got why I can't do this tbh, I can queue up more than I can build, if I have the resources to build only one of say... vehicles, workers, or buildings.

Multiple Levels for Reptilian Government Building
I forgot the name, Sorry ^^;

Uses for Lava
This isn't even an idea to only pertain to Reptilians, I feel any that have access to the Lava World relate to this.
I think beyond waiting for it to cool into obsidian, you could use it in the late-game to collect as a resource and convert it into other resources you can't get in a Lava World, but with a ratio of at least or at most 1,000:1 of Lava into any resource not mined on Lava Planets.

Lock Obsidiobugs behind Lava World Start tech
You can't get Lava in an Ice or Desert World.

Lava Worlds can't change Atmosphere
It's not possible to reduce it visually below 500 Million, since you don't need alot of condensers, at least not atm, but with eruptions going off basically all the time, this would make sense. This way, you also don't need to balance consumption of atmosphere of Lava Worlds for new buildings, although you'd have to take Desert worlds into consideration, unless Lava Worlds got their own specialized, more unhinged condensers past the Microcondenser if that is ever a thing.

Replace Landing Pod with Surface Habitat Vessel with Human factions on inhospitable worlds. If Humans will ever get that kind of treatment to be allowed onto Ice and Lava Worlds, this is maybe how you could do it.

That's all the ideas I can both remember, and think of at the moment. Enjoying the game even still, not been too active on here, mainly due to being a tiny bit busy/distracted.
6y ago
You'll also notice that the starting atmosphere is really high, 500 million to be exact.

So, are you going to make the lava shifting and eruption mechanisms disappear once atmosphere is lowered under a certain amount? I mean, with less atmosphere, the planet cools off, and then maybe the player can settle their colony permanently and even build obsidian extractors that generate obsidian. It would be cool to at least make the lava turn into obsidian and have water spread when atmosphere is under a certain amount.

Also, obsidian needs to have a specific purpose for lava worlds and for other worlds. What if one purpose of obsidian is to build structures/roads/walls/rovers/workers that do no die right away when exposed to lava? That way, the player can eventually get enough obsidian to build buildings that are only moderately damaged by erruptions and lava? Not sure what other races will be able to build with obsidian, since UE Already has some very advanced stuff built from triantanium. I mean, unless you want to aim for providing for billions of people, I wouldn't make another tier of buildings.

Will any humans be getting this world type?
6y ago
Here is some information on the new Lava World which will be available in the upcoming v0.52.0 update to My Colony!

The Lava World is by far the hardest map type in the game so far. When you are first starting out, it will not seem like this is the case. It plays similar to the Ice World, except there is also Ore available, in some ways making starting out even easier than the Ice World.

What makes the map harder are two main things:

Lava Rivers
The Lava Rivers are constantly shifting. Areas of the map you were once able to build on will eventually be consumed by Lava. You can slow the flow of the lava by building Paste Path 'walls' in order to contain the spread, but that will only help you to an extent, because of reason number two:

Volcanic Eruptions
The Lava World is the first map type to feature natural disasters. The Volcanic Eruptions can happen any time without warning, spewing fresh lava across the land and destroying any structure or unit that happens to be in their wake. You will have to plan ahead to make sure your colony can survive if 20% of it were suddenly wiped out by a volcano. It will be wise to build multiple Mounds.

Speaking of mounds, you can no longer build them the old way, and you no longer start with one. Now on all Insectoid colonies, you start with a Queen insectoid, who you can fly around until you find a food nesting place. The Queen then turns into the mound. You can build new Queens at the Mound for colony expansion, but if your Mound gets taken out by a volcano before you build a fresh Queen, you will be in trouble. So make sure you build a new Queen as soon as you can!

So why would anybody want to start a Lava map?

It is the only map type that has access to a new resource: Obsidian. Obsidian is left behind as the rivers of Lava shift across the landscape. Once a Lava River has moved to a new area, you will have to fly a Queen into the old one and get the Obsidian left behind before new Lava arrives!

Obsidian will by exportable on the GBT and Humans and other Insectoid colonies (as well as Reptilians) will be getting new Obsidian structures.

Also, when a Volcano erupts, it leaves behind other rare elements that are not originally found on the Volcano map, such as Gold, Uranium, and Diamonds.


That is the new Lava World in a nutshell. It makes heavier use of the particle and lighting effects than any other map, so if it degrades performance, both can be turned off completely in the Engine Settings menu.

If you like to have a big permanent settlement with a large Commonwealth attached, the Lava World will not be for you. It is a micromanage map best suited for Obsidian mining and exporting, and you can expect large portions of your Colony to be destroyed without warning. Players who have been wanting disasters in the game might enjoy the extra challenge.

As a side note, the Lava World will also be one of the playable maps for the upcoming Reptilians, which will be coming in v0.53.0.

Enjoy! The update should be done by the end of the week or early next week.
6y ago
The bugs that reptilians have for mining obsidian, are unable or they refuse to mine obsidian. I have no problems like this for other types of enslaved bugs.

Just with Obsidian, as a result, I have no means with which I can mine Obsidian and free up space in a now-mostly-filled lava planet of mine.
6y ago
A new planted type. It would have these structures called geysers which take up 2 by 2 tiles. There are two kinds: Boiling fresh water geyser and hot mineral water geyser. Each one produces the respective liquid of its name nearby. The liquids will destroy buildings and rovers/workers not built to harvest them. Humans would have a heat-resistant rover for boiling fresh water, which would collect fresh water resource. This would be unlocked with a new tech right around the beginning. Later there would be a corrosion-resistant rover which would collect mineral water. In a water evaporator, the mineral water would be converted to multiple resources mostly ore, but also some gold, aluminum, and trace amounts of uranium and obsidian. The world would allow an obsidian mine, that would make getting obsidian easier than other human areas but harder than volcano. A generator would use boiling water to generate power, and a water cooler would convert the boiling water to normal water. A water distillery would be the upgrade to the evaporator, it would give you the boiling water resource and 1.5 times the yield of other resources when it processed the boiling water. The planet would have ore, gold and regolith. To start, you would have a normal rover, and with ore you would make a water pump and greenhouse and small vehicle factory like usual. Then you would get a regolith miner to get regolith, and with both regolith and ore you would build a basic heat-resistant rover to collect the boiling water to make a power generator. Then you would build a gold miner and get a research lab like normal. You would need to research the basic solar panels before getting high density ones. Also you would need to research the evaporator and the corrosion-resistant rover to get aluminum and uranium and then progress. The obsidian mine would use workers and power and ore and give you obsidian, so much easier than the furnace but harder than the volcano world because of the cost to build. Other races could work similar to humans.
4y ago
Really dig your elaborated ideas!
First question, why aren't your more active on the FFF????

1. Have you experienced this doesn't work already?
2. Do you know they stop, or are you suggesting they stop at 50mil? And why would they stop, are you suggesting these eruptions occur because of some type of global warming? There are planets out there with no atmosphere and lot of eruptions ;-)
3. The idea is good, but by the time you get to that point you already have so much obsidian that it makes we wonder if there really is a need to extract more obsidian from the ground.
4. Wood is available on Lava, its a combination of the normal Zolarg and Zolarg ice world. So it has both tech trees. No natural sugar available, you get it from crystals. No water pools, you use crystal for water. Besides that it's normal Zolarg. Except for the part you get uranium and diamond deposits. But, the idea of not having wood is good! I would really like it if we have more use for the lava and or obsidian.
5. I would really like dark buildings! Imagine darkpavement with obsidian instead of regolith!
6. This would be very cool, but also extremely difficult! We would need buildings that eat up massive amounts of atmosphere. I'm up to 5k pop and my atmosphere has hardly dropped. I doubt, if you're able and patient enough to get that far, having a million pop with the current options would do anything about that problem. Remember that the water thingies eat atmosphere but the production buildings produce atmos at the same time.
7.Yes, makes sense.
8.Makes sense.
6y ago
Today's update to My Colony brings a few UI changes that might still need fleshed out a bit, but I think in the long run will be seen as an improvement over what we had previously. Here is a look at what is new:

My Colony v0.60.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Advanced Clothing Sweatshop, Transcendent Academy, Auntie Belles Cupcake Factory, Synthetic Diamond Laboratory, Universal Commodities Exchange
  • New Tech: Transcendence
  • New Resource: Ancient Instructions
  • New UI for the main resources readout
  • Lowered worker IQ requirements for the Small Research Lab
  • 'River' tiles can now be bulldozed on the Earthlike map
  • Increased the cost of the Center for Relic Studies
  • Lowered building repair costs
  • Obsidian has been added for trade on the GBT
  • Synthetic Crystalline can now be built on all Zolarg maps (probably LIS too, forgot to test that)
  • All humans can now unlock the Diamond Mining tech
  • Center for Artificial Learning now generates the new Alien Instructions resource
  • Added two new UI engine settings

The biggest change in this release is the new UI for the resources. You can see a more detailed discussion about it in this thread. Essentially, anybody who has played on mobile, particularly in the later stages of the game, knows that the resource layout would end up taking up half of the screen, making is hard to play the game properly. To fix this, the resources section has been condensed to between 1 and 3 (depending on your UI options and screen size) lines at the top of the screen. The resources now scroll by in a ticker-type banner, instead of all being displayed at once. You can toggle between this view and the old view by tapping/clicking on the resources display.

Also to reduce resource clutter, the numbers have been abbreviated and the total storage capacity has been removed by default. For example, where your food storage may have once said: 2,567,321/4,000,000, it will now just say 2.6M. If you want to go back to the old way, go to engine settings from the slide out menu and you can customize the readout any way you like it.

Anyway, I see this as a good change to clean up the main interface a bit, but please let me know your comments or ways to improve it further (or tell me if you don't like the change at all). The option is there to completely go back to the way it was before, so it should work out fine for most people, but again just let me know how you guys like it to be.

Moving on, some later-game tech and structures have been added for the Human races. The new Human updates allow the production of Diamonds on all colonies, and introduce a new resource which unlocks the production of Alien Relics for human players. These updates are necessary for offline colonies to be able to produce these resources, but are expensive enough to where they shouldn't destroy those resources for online players on the GBT.

Speaking of the GBT, Lava World players who are actually able to survive long enough to unlock the global market can now export Obsidian. Obsidian will become an important resource soon, so stay tuned for that.

Zolarg colonies now have the ability to create synthetic Crystalline on all maps, including the Sugarland map, also unlocking several Crystalline related structures.

As for the Reptilians, they now have access to the GBT through the new Universal Commodities Exchange structure. The Universal Commodities Exchange is actually like a mix of the GBT and the Black Market Bazaar, as it also brings in a slow steady stream of rare resources from across the galaxy (through theft).

Coming Soon

My plans for the next few updates include Reptilian independence structures, with a capitol building and others. Also, all three races will be getting new Obsidian related structures, and Humans will be seeing some new ultra-expensive later-game content. Alien Instructions will also be coming to the GBT with the next update.

So that's all for today's update. I will be working on another Gaul update for Antiquitas next, and before the month is out I plan on releasing My Tokens and a cross-platform multiplayer beta for Death 3d. Between all of that though, there should be at least 2 more My Colony updates this month, so stay tuned!

The My Colony update is live now on Web and the Ape Apps Launcher. Should be arriving very soon on Android, and will probably hit iOS, Windows Store, and Native Client later this week. Enjoy!
6y ago
I'm playing Alpha Draconis on an offline game (because the firewalls at work block online use) and found an interesting issue where obsidian bugs try to harvest obsidian in areas where they cannot physically access yet, while completely ignoring the obsidian around a powered materials silo. For the record, the silo is powered on, and my current obsidian is only 5.4k/185k, so I'm not storage capped.

Attached screenshot of the navigation issue. The diamond extractor in the image is working just fine, currently has a deposit mined out 2380/3500 and going, despite a second deposit being close and inaccessible. I tried closing the game and relaunching my world, but the issue persisted. Any tips?
1y ago
This is good advice, thanks. Also, I haven't played the game, so I'm not sure, but it sounds like you could push the lava completely off the map if you spread your paths out when the lava dries, as the lava has to spread from other lava, so if you push the lava out to the edges, you could eventually eradicate it from the map. However, you wouldn't get any more obsidian.

So here's what I would do:

Build paste production asap

surround every corner and edge of each lake with paste, or just start by spreading out from your main.

You will want to have a xl/mega map for this, but reserve the bottom corner of the map for your main. Put the most important stuff further into the corner, which means you should reserve a lot of space near the point of the corner for important stuff and then build paste tanks outside of that area. This way, when you finally get to annex land, you will be extending the space that your main is next to, allowing you to build more toward the corner of the new land instead of outward toward the lava.

push the lava to the top corner, which is the furthest point away from your main. Do this by claiming land with paths when the lava recedes, and then do it again when the lava recedes even further back. Do this until you have a 25x25 square to reserve for lava. If you have a pretty large map your main should be out of danger at all times as long as you isolate the eruption lobs until the cool, as they can cause lava to spread back over the barriers and toward the main.

Make sure that you make as much paste as possible for this. We will want to make a paste path grid after a while so that there isn't any wide open area left for the lava to spread in. That should slow any spread and allow you time to surround little areas of lava until they cool. It should also provide channels for easy access to obsidian since there would be so much paste path in the game and your rovers would have access to more surface area to mine. Make sure to keep that 25x25 area of lava and let it erupt and spread just a little so you can get so obsidian into the grid squares, but like cobya said, we want to keep the lava at least 40 tiles away, so don't let it spread too far out of the top corner.
6y ago
I don't think so. I think that the system is fine like it is. Those who choose to have a permanent colony here can work to put out the flames, but they will loose any chance of getting more obsidian.

However, I would expect to see all of the lava cool off when the atmosphere gets under a certain amount. and then the player should be rewarded with obsidian extractors for surviving long enough to reduce the atmosphere to that point. At that point, the colony would become a permanent colony since there would be no lava to destroy it anymore. I mean, if you can survive long enough to go from 500 mil atmosphere to 5 mil atmosphere, you deserve to have a permanent colony with a permanent and safe supply of obsidian. Just be careful not to completely strip the planet of atmosphere, because then you've gone too far. And with the efficient atmosphere reduction buldings that I'm fairly certain that bast will add, it would be all too easy to completely deplete the planet's atmosphere, at which point you now have to add atmosphere production facilities that are slower and take a long time to bring the atmosphere back up to 5 mil. I would also make the planet look like the ice planet or red planet with no atmosphere and make it look like a forest-like planet with 5-15 mil atmosphere. Actually, doing that for all planets would make the game more dynamic and give atmosphere a bigger role in the game than it already has.
6y ago
i love the idea of building in obsidian(like wall or wall who use power but don't need obsidian) ,the idea for the atmospher can be good and thee obsidian extractor can work like a big "small"water extractor 2X2 can be the most logique and if the atmosspher go less than 20 000 000 the lava world will come more easy
Hello all,
My name is Dylan Carter and I would like to present my planet idea: an ocean world. I know that this planet type has been presented before, but I would like to start my own page. On this page, I will suggest all my ideas, keeping them concentrated on one page. I would love feedback from anyone, especially moderators and Brandon Stecklein. If moderators want me to copy this stuff and paste it in other discussions, I will be flexible. Enjoy!

Planet Type: Ocean World
Civilization: United Earth
Difficulty: Normal to Difficult
Atmosphere: 2,500,000
Resources: Ocean blocks (must be processed as it is salty and "chemical" filled; infinite), Salt deposits (2500 1 by 1 blocks), Ore deposits (2500 1 by 1 blocks), Regolith blocks (2500 1 by 1 blocks), Gold (normal), Aluminum (normal), uranium (normal), Granite OR Obsidian (Granite: 2500 1 by 1 blocks; Obsidian: 500 1 by 1 blocks); Salt in the Ocean blocks (10,000 per 1 by 1 block); Fir trees (normal); Contraband diamonds (normal; can only be mined after independence)
Characteristics: Limited land (if possible, the base map of each colony will always have a 3 by 3 square of land in the center with the lander); Limited resources; As with the lava, the ocean's shoreline will be constantly changing (if an unlucky colonist is on the shore when that happens, and the ocean block covers him, he will drown and die);
Starting Plot: Begin with one salt miner, one waterbot, and one granite/obsidian miner. Use 25 salt and 100 g/o to build the solar evaporator (1 by 1). Here you can use the waterbot to collect water as the ocean water cannot be processed by the lander. The solar evaporator turns ocean water into salt, ore, and regolith. The lander can build only a rover (Red Planet) and stores 100 salt and 100 o/g. The game will continue the same except for a few additional buildings and rovers. The small vehicle factory will produce rovers, ore miners, regolith miners, salt miners, o/g miners, waterbots, and builder bots. The builder bots can build a new building, the fishing pole factory (2 by 2). The fishing pole factory produces a new manufactured resource: fishing poles. Fishing poles can be used to be used to build the docks (2 by 7; instead of mass drive; can be partially built on water), water farms (5 by 5; built on water; produces food), and most importantly: the sub bot. The sub bot is an underwater miner and food collection probe that can travel on water to collect salt, food, and any trace amounts of resources in the water.

This is all I have for right now so enjoy! Please comment and expand this idea.
6y ago
H3110 guys! (^ω^)

Insectnoids are now leaving without any source of water in Water World. Some sea water extract & purification buildings are required.

Firstly I am presenting a big thanks 😉 to @bastecklein for featuring the ideas about offshore buildings (and some fish stuff) in the recent update.

I have the second branch of my ideas about the offshore buildings.
And I am pushing the limits of construction - I’ll also feature buildings that can be built on LAVA for insectnoids (later when I have time to update the post)

Here it comes!
Buildings on WATER
  • Salt Water Filter
    Serve as startup-stage way for obtaining pure water. But it’s a bit slow.
  • Algae Farm
    Cultivating algae for food.
  • Offshore Oil Drill
    Start extracting precious oil out from deep seas.
  • Offshore Resort
    The idea is simple here. You build an tropical resort and it will be able to attract tourism.
  • Submarine Docks
    What’s sinking under the seas? Take a ride on the submarine and find out! Produces less alien artifects than a dig site.
  • Driller Submarine Depot
    Driller submarines are capable to extract minerals from sea beds.
  • Water Sports Centre
    Why not having some fun playing water sports that will also make a great entertainment and tourist attraction!
  • Seastead
    Offshore homes would be interesting and great for your colonists to live. You can see wonderful fishes evryday you wake up.
  • Sea Safari Depot
    Wanna have a tour in the beautiful ocean?
  • Insectnoid Fishery
    So instead of fetching wild fish, why not make fish come to you?
  • Aquamound
    Insectnoid offshore homes.
  • Seabeet Farm
    Seabeet is a sugar-rich aquatic vegetable from Zolarg Prime. Although produces less sugar than a sugarcane farm does, it can be built offshore.
  • Aqua Ring
    A water extraction structure, but it is built offshore to extract sea water.
  • Aqua Scrubber
    Purifies sea water into drinkable water.
  • Aqua Purifier
    It’s just literally a distiller...
  • Floating Bazaar
    An offshore Bugzaar (Insectnoid bazaar).
  • Mangrove Farm
    Insectnoid style tree farm... for Water World, which you’ll need lotta of wood to build offshore stuff.
  • Geothermo Stablizer Node
    Stablizes lava tiles of a small range of 5×5.
  • Obsidian Solidifier
    Make obsidian by pumping water into the lava sea which quickly cools the lava into lumps of obsidian.
  • Lava Centrifuge
    So when you are short in minerals, why not try seperate them from the natural slags around you.
  • Lava Furnance
    Smelt antanium using geothermal energy directly without the need of using your own power!
  • Inferno Spire
    Generate a epic amount of energy without consuming anything with this geothermal Inferno Spire!

Welcome to the first ICG Event!

The ICG is a community driven event to bring the players together in one space to have fun with the game in various unique and interesting ways! The Intergalactic Colonial Games (or ICG) is our branding of the many events and activities that NOZ will be hosting! With a wide variety of events and prizes, we will be hosting ICG events every weekend!

For more information, including the rules to these events, please visit before continuing.

The first event we will be hosting is... a race!

Now, what exactly is the race we have in mind you ask? Well, as the informational thread I linked above describes, a race means that participants will start an entirely new colony and race to a certain milestone to win the grand prize. The race for this event will be the collection of Civics!


There are three player groupings, with each being more challenging than the last to complete.

  • Group 1 is 0-250,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 250,000 civics by the end of the event period.
  • Group 2 is 250,000-1,000,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 5,000,000 civics by the end of the event period.
  • Group 3 is over 1,000,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 50,000,000 civics by the end of the event period.
The event period will be 1 week long from the time it starts.


These goals may seem daunting, but I assure you, they are all possible. As impossible as they may seem, there is an equally great reward! This event will not only be for fun, players may win unholy amounts of resources to the colony of their choosing by winning. So let's see some competitive spirit in here!

As described in the informational thread, each tier can have up to and including 3 winners. First place will receive 3 packages of their choosing, second will receive 2, and 3rd place will receive 1 package of their choosing (each package is a large sum of one resource).

Group one may choose between the following prizes:

25,000,000 Ore
25,000,000 Regolith
25,000,000 Aluminum
25,000,000 Microchips
25,000,000 Gold
25,000,000 Steel
25,000,000 Alien Artifacts

20,000,000 Wood
20,000,000 Charcoal
20,000,000 Oil
20,000,000 Helium
20,000,000 Ant Paste
20,000,000 Robots
20,000,000 Antanium
20,000,000 Pottery
20,000,000 Bricks
20,000,000 Uranium
20,000,000 Crystalline
20,000,000 Cloth
20,000,000 Toys
20,000,000 Clay
20,000,000 Sugar
20,000,000 Wool
20,000,000 Software
20,000,000 Diamond
20,000,000 Wheels

15,000,000 Alien Relic
15,000,000 Alien Instructions
15,000,000 Obsidian

5,000,000 Triantanium
5,000,000 Ether

Group two may choose between the following prizes:

200,000,000 Ore
200,000,000 Regolith
200,000,000 Aluminum
200,000,000 Microchips
200,000,000 Gold
200,000,000 Steel
200,000,000 Alien Artifacts

150,000,000 Wood
150,000,000 Charcoal
150,000,000 Oil
150,000,000 Helium
150,000,000 Ant Paste
150,000,000 Robots
150,000,000 Antanium
150,000,000 Pottery
150,000,000 Bricks
150,000,000 Uranium
150,000,000 Crystalline
150,000,000 Cloth
150,000,000 Toys
150,000,000 Clay
150,000,000 Sugar
150,000,000 Wool
150,000,000 Software
150,000,000 Diamond
150,000,000 Wheels

100,000,000 Alien Relic
100,000,000 Alien Instructions
100,000,000 Obsidian

30,000,000 Triantanium
30,000,000 Ether

Group three may choose between the following prizes:

1,000,000,000 Ore
1,000,000,000 Regolith
1,000,000,000 Aluminum
1,000,000,000 Microchips
1,000,000,000 Gold
1,000,000,000 Steel
1,000,000,000 Alien Artifacts

800,000,000 Wood
800,000,000 Charcoal
800,000,000 Oil
800,000,000 Helium
800,000,000 Ant Paste
800,000,000 Robots
800,000,000 Antanium
800,000,000 Pottery
800,000,000 Bricks
800,000,000 Uranium
800,000,000 Crystalline
800,000,000 Cloth
800,000,000 Toys
800,000,000 Clay
800,000,000 Sugar
800,000,000 Wool
800,000,000 Software
800,000,000 Diamond
800,000,000 Wheels

600,000,000 Alien Relic
600,000,000 Alien Instructions
600,000,000 Obsidian

300,000,000 Triantanium
300,000,000 Ether

As you can see, the prizes are well worth your time and are designed to be a great boost to anyone in the game. The top prizes are difficult to get, but they are possible.

How to enter?

It's simple! Just comment your name in game here and tell us you want to enter! You are also required to join our dedicated events commonwealth in order to enter. The charter code for the commonwealth will be revealed when the event starts. We need to know what your colony name you will be registering as will be in advance. You may put [ICG] in your colony name as, though this is not required, it will make our jobs easier when running the event.

When we know the name of the participant, we can give you a small boost just to get started with to avoid the tedium of the early game. Players will receive all of the following:

5,000 Ore
4,000 Steel
3,000 Gold
2,000 Microchips
2,000 Wheels

This event will begin on the 16/11/2019 so we will accept applications to join until then! Once more, the event duration will be 1 week from the starting date.

Upon completion the event goal, comment that you have done so on this thread. We will then review your colony history before acknowledging you have completed the event.

Of course all rules and regulations must be followed by all participants. These may be found in the informational thread

Contact us!

Though not a requirement to participate in the events, I encourage everyone who is interested in the events to drop by the NOZ discord server for a great My Colony community. NOZ has a lot of very experienced players, whom are also very active in game. To learn more about us, please join us here at

Good luck with the events, and may the odds be ever in your favour.
4y ago

Hello! Extra Worlds is getting close to being ready for her release! This means that the release content is close to ready, and bugs have been mostly ironed out! But as always, please do let me know of every single bug that you come across! The more I can fix, the more I can make this mod polished!

Anyways, version 0.3.2b has quite a lot of stuff, so listen up!

All the planet icons have been updated to be 3D!

Transcendence has a new building: the Transcendent Gold Synthesis Lab!

Nanotech has been added to EW, with Nano Builder Bots and Nanomines being added!
-Nano Builder Bots will be able to build everything next update, I just ran out of time for this update.

Lava world got yet even more new models, with the Obsidian Drilling Operation following the Drilling Operation archetype!
-Diablo Crystalline, Obsidian Rover, and Obsidian Deposits got a remodel.

New Worldtypes:

Plains World
-Has clay mines available to be built

-It is just like Saturn's moon, Titan! Because that moon is very unique.

Swamp World
-Has swamp natives

Uranium Synthesis Lab rum consumption nerfed

properly compiled models

Anyways, enjoy! There are many things that I forgot to mention!

This includes Obsidian, Obsidian Deposits, Diablo Crystalline, an under the hood rework for a few structures (simplifying blocked on worlds and requires worlds, no actual change occurred), Steel and Gold Bridges, Obsidian Rover, even a small change to the Small Thermal Plant that allows it to be built on Lava World!
Either that or add another power plant and other things that don't use wood. Instead of a power spire, we could make a sugar furnace, which would be an upgrade to the sugar burner, and it would be made out of obsidian and would burn sugar at a faster rate. In buildings that require wood, we can make a dark version of that building that replaces the wood requirement with obsidian.
6y ago
I'm stuck where ive got at least 2 of every building its given me (started world this morning.) And 1,000 of every resource (that u can buy) and it doesn't want to proceed? I feel I have to get obsidian but got the bugs but where do they put it cause they are doing nothing with it :/ help! Also ive tried the encyclopedia on resources but it won't let me use so couldn't see what to do with obsidian. HELP!!!!! (BTW this is on the Lava map, forgot to mention, Sorry!)
6y ago
After 15 million atmosphere, nothing happens. I plan on adding new events based on the atmosphere.
25 million: Floods
- Small 5000 plots of water will appear on map as atmosphere condenses more. Act just like lava and leave water pool decorations behind. Can become a source of water for waterbot. Colonists get quite sick and buildings deteriorate faster.
100 million: Dust
- Small 5000 plots of destructive sand. Act just like lava and leave sand decorations behind. Colonists get very sick and buildings will become very weak.
250 million: Lava
- You know what happens 😁 Allows construction of obsidian rover (later on I will revisit obsidian). Almost instant deaths.Buildings get worse.
1 billion: Explosions
- The planet is turning into a gas planet, so the pressure gets so tight, buildings and people instantly explode. 😂🎆

Thanks and Add on!
6y ago
Well, with the use of obsidian, bast could develop structures that hold up to lava and any negative affects that he implements from high atmosphere. I honestly really wish he would add a heat factor to terraforming, it would create more challenges for the player and provide more purposes for obsidian to fill.
6y ago
How do i get the enslaved bus to harvest the obsidian? I have powered storage and plenty of room but i cant get the little guys to harvest for me! any help is greatly appreciated!!
You don't have obsidian yet. Wait a little bit for the lava to cool.
6y ago
Ha found my old posts!!! Anyone have any ideas as to my enslaved obsidian bugs won't harvest??
The lava blocks the obsidian. Wait for an opening.
6y ago
please note that I haven't done much research into this, so don't take these numbers seriously. The main idea that I'm getting across is that diamond, obsidian and triantanium would be instrumental in the construction and research of these structures. Structures that use the black hole manipulation tech will be far more capable than the most advanced human structures and would occupy much less space. They would also require far more power and water than any other structure in the game.

Unholy he3 generator - generates an unholy amount of he3 from unholy amounts of regolith using a constant supply of water and uranium. The ultimate space saver for lunar colonies.

power: 10,000
reg 200,000
he3 500,000
gold 400,000
steel 500,000
alu 10,000
dia 100,000
chips 50,000
tri 20,000
ura 50,000
obs: 25,000
arts: 2,500

tech required: black hole manipulation

Alien he3 storage - using black hole manipulation technology and strong materials, massive amounts of he3 can be stored in the same amount of space as a large he3 tank.

space 2x2
upgraded from large he3 tank
power: 500

build costs: bast can figure this one out

tech required: black hole manipulation.

Alien Hypercube - The alien hypercube uses super durable materials like diamond, triantanium and obsidian, and space compression technology to compress millions of cubic feet into a 2x2 area using a controlled singularity or black hole. The hypercube would have ten times more jobs, colonist and tourist space than the fantasy land arcology and provides enough food production and medical care to support all of it's inhabitants, the only challenge is power. Each cube would require 250k power. Also, each cube would require 500 water and 100 he3 each second, so the need for he3 would skyrocket as people start building these.

space: 2x2
power needs: 250,000
consumes: 500 water and 100 he3 per second.

build costs:
ore: 20,000,000
water: 50,000,000
alien arts:50,000
ancient instructions:100,000

Research required: Black hole manipulation

Miniature theme park - this building provides an unholy amount of entertainment for a vastly populated and overcrowded colony. Uses a controlled black hole or singularity to house roller coasters, water rides, shops, and even a lake.
entertains: 100,000
tourists: 100,000
jobs: 100,000
admission fee: $50
space: 3x3

build costs, bast can figure this one out.

Research required: Black hole manipulation

New research - Black hole manipulation - learn how to compress massive amounts of space and stuff into a tiny area.

Lete me know what you think. I'll add more to this thread as I develop the idea. It's 2am though, and I need my sleep for now.
6y ago
Runway Path
+20 movement speed; +10 for flying rovers
Lighted super path. Not Premimium.
Consumes 10 power
10 steel
5 antanium
3 ant paste
10 al
5 gold
1 mc
10 dia
5 ob

Zolarg Antanium Path
5 ore
3 ant
2 ant paste

Lighted Antanium Path- 1 power
7 ore
4 ant
3 ant paste

Obsidian Path
3 ore
2 ant
3 ap
5 ob

Lighted Obsidian Path- 1 power
5 ore
3 ant
5 ap
5 ob
6y ago
What are obsidian and paintings used for?

6y ago
Hm... so far Obsidian is only used for one or two buildings on the Zolarg colonies:
Painting - looks like no use as of yet.

They were both just added in the recent update, so little use yet for them.
6y ago
Good afternoon everybody! Today is a short and quick release for My Colony, introducing a few small balancing changes and bringing the version up to v0.62.0. Here is the recap:

My Colony v0.62.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Unit: Crystalbot
  • New ad-free Content: Dark Pavement Lit, Solar Road
  • Reduced the spread rate of Sugarcane
  • Added or increased Sugar storage to: Gravitational Compression Warehouse, Artificial Sweetner Factory, Large Silo, Small Sugar Processor, Supply Pile, Sugar Farm, Crystalmound, Feasting Area, Silo, Mound, and Unholy Mound of Worship
  • For U.E. colonies, the Crystalline Synthesis tech now requires the Xenomaterials Research as a prerequisite.
  • Dark Pavement can now be upgraded to the Aluminum Road
  • The Powered Materials Silo (Reptilians) is now a collection point for Obsidian harvesting
  • Brought back the "Trending Down Only" resource display mode on the HUD UI.
So today's update was a quick job, primarily aimed at some re-balancing related to Sugar. It also includes several bug fixes that were packaged with Antiquitas v1.9.0, allows Obsidian harvesting for Reptilians, Crystalline synthesis for United Earth, and fixes a couple of outstanding bugs that had been reported previously.

The next update will feature new content for all four civilizations. I would have had more in this update, but there was a bug on mobile where pressing 'cancel' to cancel a pending build was not working, which I wanted to get a fix out for right away.

I have also started working on a new concept game called My Starship that takes place in the My Colony universe and involves trading resources between planets. It is in the extreme early stages, but feel free to try out the concept and see what you think:

That's all for today, much more to come. Thanks for playing!
6y ago
I just don't think that modules would work because they require several several changes to the engine. And how is bast going to build tubes? each building has it's own 2d image, and with roads, it doesn't matter what you add to the road image, rovers and colonists will drive over it, so the same thing would happen with tubes, wouldn't work.

Second thing, I like the command center and the outreach tech, and the 5x5 starter building, but I think that the starter money should be 100x higher because the whole point of it being a space station is because it can't mine it's own resources. It would be a differen't playing style altogether because it causes the player to think differently on how to keep their colony going. Yes, maybe we can put in some asteroids that can be mined for starters, but eventually, the station would have to constantly buy water, ore, and regolith in order to survive because there would be no asteroids left.

How about this: one advantage to the space station is that it can store much much more than any sigle colony ever could. This allows for the purchase of tons upon tons of resources, enough to last for days. Therefore, for each platform/ground tile built, storage for every resource would increase appropriately. I mean, it makes sense because a space station's infrastructure is somewhat hollow and can provide ample storage. The buildings on the surface of the platform wouldn't provide any storage save the usually storage buildings like the water tower or warehouse, but the platforms would be doing all of the work.

You could also upgrade the platforms/ground tiles to contain more storage and hold up better against meteor strikes. For instance, you could do like this:
-basic platform - ore - 250 storage for each resource, 100 health
-enhanced platform - ore, steel, gold - 500 storage for each resource - 200 health
-high tech platform - ore, steel, gold, chips, alu, ura - 750 storage for each resource - 300 health.
-alien platform - ore, steel, gold, chips, alu, ura, artifacts, obsidian, regolith, crystalline - 1,000 storage and 500 health.
-transcendent platform - ore, steel, gold, chips, alu, ura, artifacts, obsidian, regolith, crystalline, antanium, triantanium, diamond. 2,500 storage and cannot be destroyed.

6y ago
I believe that the gbt should give strikes based on how far away from the market price you are trying to sell at, not how far away some arbitrary number is. the current model is giving people a hard time when they are selling at market price, which has happened to me before. the most recent example was when the average price of obsidian was around 1m(900000 to be exact), so I rounded up to 1 million and tried to sell my obsidian, but it turned out that any price above 300k was too high so my account was given a strike. in order to fix this, we need a system where any price that is way above or below the market price is banned, rather than a system based on a secondary price other than the market price. this will still prevent price gouging because there will still be a limit to the amount of money a person can charge, but it also allows for flexibility in the markets, which gives incentives for producers to sell when there is high demand.
5y ago
Forcedminer said:it needs some tweaks.
I tried to sell 100 obsidian at the market suggested price and it said i was price gouging.
meanwhile i see another colony selling 300,000 alien artifacts at 275,000,000.

i needed that cash badly because i was running out of cash and i couldn't export nor get new colonists due to motherland tax hitting me hard because as usual i explain too quickly. :P
its all good now but that was really the last thing i needed.
right now obsidian is being capped at 320K, so even if you are just selling at market price, it will still be considered price gouging. the only way to fix this is if we change the way price gouging is calculated. it should be the market price times a certain number decided by the developer equals the price limit. also to prevent people from price gouging they should be told the maximum and minimum prices that will be accepted.
5y ago
Thanks for the continued work on a fun game! One comment on the Research needs some major balancing.

For Humans, the Research Converter is now the most efficient way to produce: Alien Relics, Ancient Instructions, Antanium, Bricks, Clay, Diamonds, Helium 3, Obsidian, Paintings, Plastic, Pottery, Sugar, Uranium, Wheels, Wood, and Wool.

This makes these buildings obsolete late game: Auntie Belle's Cupcake Factory, Antanium Synthesis Lab, Brick Factory, Ultra Deep Dig Site, Synthetic Diamond Laboratory, Small Helium Extractor, Obsidian Furnace, Hipster Lofts, Alien Plastic Factory, Pottery Works, Artificial Sweetener Factory, Alien Enrichment Facility, Wheel Factory, Tree Farm, and Sheep Farm.

I don't know if that was the intention. If it was intended to replace all those things, it needs to consume a much higher amount of research than it does now.
5y ago
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