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Geyser World

#1 2019-11-29 19:56:01
A new planted type. It would have these structures called geysers which take up 2 by 2 tiles. There are two kinds: Boiling fresh water geyser and hot mineral water geyser. Each one produces the respective liquid of its name nearby. The liquids will destroy buildings and rovers/workers not built to harvest them. Humans would have a heat-resistant rover for boiling fresh water, which would collect fresh water resource. This would be unlocked with a new tech right around the beginning. Later there would be a corrosion-resistant rover which would collect mineral water. In a water evaporator, the mineral water would be converted to multiple resources mostly ore, but also some gold, aluminum, and trace amounts of uranium and obsidian. The world would allow an obsidian mine, that would make getting obsidian easier than other human areas but harder than volcano. A generator would use boiling water to generate power, and a water cooler would convert the boiling water to normal water. A water distillery would be the upgrade to the evaporator, it would give you the boiling water resource and 1.5 times the yield of other resources when it processed the boiling water. The planet would have ore, gold and regolith. To start, you would have a normal rover, and with ore you would make a water pump and greenhouse and small vehicle factory like usual. Then you would get a regolith miner to get regolith, and with both regolith and ore you would build a basic heat-resistant rover to collect the boiling water to make a power generator. Then you would build a gold miner and get a research lab like normal. You would need to research the basic solar panels before getting high density ones. Also you would need to research the evaporator and the corrosion-resistant rover to get aluminum and uranium and then progress. The obsidian mine would use workers and power and ore and give you obsidian, so much easier than the furnace but harder than the volcano world because of the cost to build. Other races could work similar to humans.
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#2 2019-11-29 21:50:27

If I may I'd like to give a piece advice for formatting your ideas. We' can't read your mind, so in order for us to understand easily, you should make paragraphs to separate ideas, use bold, italic, colors and


to make important text/words stand out. See the BB code reference for that.
People are more willing to read and comment on well formatted posts rather than text walls.

On to the idea itself, it's good! If I understand correctly, the new world would consist of two new resources with their respective deposits, mineral and fresh water, which would be dangerous and only approachable by special rovers.
I like the idea of extracting the minerals, even though there can realistically be only trace amounts, so it would need to be an early-game building to be relevant. I don't understand however when you say "the water distillery would give you the boiling water resource". Can't we harvest it with the rover, or is it just an automatised way to get boiling water?

The downside is that we would get 4 water resources (normal, salt, fresh, mineral) in the game, which I think is a bit too much compared to their usage (very specific).
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