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My Colony v0.62.0 Released

Good afternoon everybody! Today is a short and quick release for My Colony, introducing a few small balancing changes and bringing the version up to v0.62.0. Here is the recap:

My Colony v0.62.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Unit: Crystalbot
  • New ad-free Content: Dark Pavement Lit, Solar Road
  • Reduced the spread rate of Sugarcane
  • Added or increased Sugar storage to: Gravitational Compression Warehouse, Artificial Sweetner Factory, Large Silo, Small Sugar Processor, Supply Pile, Sugar Farm, Crystalmound, Feasting Area, Silo, Mound, and Unholy Mound of Worship
  • For U.E. colonies, the Crystalline Synthesis tech now requires the Xenomaterials Research as a prerequisite.
  • Dark Pavement can now be upgraded to the Aluminum Road
  • The Powered Materials Silo (Reptilians) is now a collection point for Obsidian harvesting
  • Brought back the "Trending Down Only" resource display mode on the HUD UI.
So today's update was a quick job, primarily aimed at some re-balancing related to Sugar. It also includes several bug fixes that were packaged with Antiquitas v1.9.0, allows Obsidian harvesting for Reptilians, Crystalline synthesis for United Earth, and fixes a couple of outstanding bugs that had been reported previously.

The next update will feature new content for all four civilizations. I would have had more in this update, but there was a bug on mobile where pressing 'cancel' to cancel a pending build was not working, which I wanted to get a fix out for right away.

I have also started working on a new concept game called My Starship that takes place in the My Colony universe and involves trading resources between planets. It is in the extreme early stages, but feel free to try out the concept and see what you think:

That's all for today, much more to come. Thanks for playing!
Did you roll it back? I still see v0.61 on the web
The desktop app is downloading properly.

EDIT: Huh. It seems that while the update downloads it doesn't want to install automatically. I had to resort to using the setup.exe.
Commonwealth of Groddle
Groddle | Bell's Pyramid | Glitch
i have had the same problem for the last 3 updates.
My Colony

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