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Antiquitas v1.9.0 Released

I have just published the v1.9.0 update to Antiquitas, and it should be arriving on most platforms within the next couple of days. Here is a look at what is new.

New Structures
  • Jeweler
  • Bard Stand
  • Small Gaulish Torch
  • Tailor
  • Struggle Ring
New ad-free Structure: Decorative Gaulish Torch

Engine updates and fixes from My Colony v0.61.0

Now, about an hour after I had already bundled all of the assets for this update, I got a fresh batch of Gaul graphics from @jova , which means there is more content already ready to go for the next update, so you know there is already yet another Gaul update coming in the pipeline!

Additionally, there have been a whole host of bug fixes specific to the Windows 10 Store version of the game. I have also added some additional error logging to the Windows 10 Store client to help squash further bugs particular to that release. With the Windows 10 April Update supposedly hitting all Windows devices soon, I am hoping there is a performance update to the UWP WebView that should bring the Windows 10 Store performance up to par with Chrome and the Ape Apps Launcher edition of the game. Fingers crossed!

Finally, I am going to attempt to get both Antiquitas and My Colony released to the Xbox One console sometime in May. I already have them up and running on the console, it is just a matter of getting approval from Microsoft. So we will see what happens there.

That's all for today's update. Thanks for playing, and stay tuned for more!
Xbox one has access to browsers as such can acutely play my colony .
weird hu ? I know because I did it
ps what ever your trying to do will be better then x boxs browsers the game played barlly lol
pss is there any way possible to get the desktop versions ( win 7 64 bit ) working again ?
as it is I hate windows ten so much i just reinstalled windows 7 again and the 64 bit or 32 bit desktops versions still darn near frezz for 10 seconds at a time when trying to do anything in a colony even a bran new colony .

Ps just hope I dont louse wifi lol man its sucks being poor . Chrome works so darn good and both games do great on it .
@colbya have you tried the Ape Apps Launcher version?

I don't know what your computer specs are, the Desktop versions work fine on all of my machines, one of which is an old Macbook Air, so idk
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
this pc has 4 gigs of ram a 220 gig hard drive a 2 gig prosser 64 bit windows 7 once again .
game worked great up to 0.57.0 and so did anti at first now just darn near frezzes
PS game worked great 0.57.0 on my old dell and it was 32 bit 2 gigs ram and 1.7 gig prosser
Ill retry the launcher as the clean install i just did worked very very good .
no wonder the game is having problems payed for now has hidden adverts
The advert is what is causing the lagg the reason I found it is at full screen it is HIDDEN not untill i made the screen as you see can you see it if i kept the box square i would not have seen it ether .
I do believe one benfit of paying was NO ADVERts ( Man its not even for your games and when clicked on says page not found !

deskto version does not show hidden adverts but still has the frezz - lag as long as I dont TRY moving the map teh game runs ok as soon as I click and move even alittle the game frezzes
cant say its my set up during the frezz cpu at 66 % ram usage TOTAL at 990 just under a gig out of 4 gis Plently of ram CPU left
my graphics driver should be as updated as it can be .
I will look into that. I am not trying to secretly hide ads on the game lol, it must be a bug.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
ps ati radeon x 1200 fully updated card
pss I dont mind your own game advert in the right hand corner ( not even sure if its going BUT that has never effected the game anyway its the sidebar adverts that do
I have played My Colony through the Wii's browser. Worst format ever, but it worked until my Wii crashed. So sad. 😨😩
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