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My Colony v0.61.0 Released

Greeting again to everybody. Just in time for the weekend is yet another glorious update to My Colony, v0.61.0! There have been a handful of changes made in this release, so let's take a look at what I've done to your precious sweet space simulation game!

My Colony v0.61.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Structures: Independence Hall Level 3, Obsidian Furnace, Larger Residential Complex, Gravitational Compression Warehouse, Galactic Fine Arts Exposition, Patricians Den, Obelisk of Plenty, Unholy Obsidian Burner
  • New Resource: Painting
  • New Premium Content: Statue of Admiral Tots, Caution Sign
  • Preliminary My Tokens Integration: Players who have created avatars using the My Tokens app will now see them appear in their game as tourists.
  • Queen and Obsidiobug can now be built at the Unholy Mound of Worship
  • Star Gate can now import/export Obsidian
  • Customs Processing can now import/export Alien Artifacts and Obsidian
  • Space Elevator can now import/export Plastic
  • Black Market Bazaar now has a chance to produce Paintings
  • Medium Range Star Gate can now import/export Obsidian, Pottery, Paintings, and Ant Paste
  • Added a new keyboard hotkey shortcut for flipping structures (f).
  • Added 'Build Another' button to the object options screen to 'clone' an existing building
  • Added a building count to each build option on the construction sidebar
  • The Cloning Facility and Luxury Tower can now be flipped
  • Added engine support for blinking lighting effects, blinking has been added to the Landing Pad lights
  • Storage Limits have been implemented for Ore and Regolith
  • Obsidiobug can now be built on all Insectoid worlds
  • The Unholy Core Mine now has a chance to produce Obsidian
  • Ancient Instructions trading added to the GBT
  • Switching an offline colony into online mode now comes with a steep resource penalty.

There were quite a few small changes in this release, a lot of them relating to Obsidian now becoming a resource used in construction. All civilizations now have a way to produce Obsidian to varying degrees.

I introduced a couple of small UI changes based on suggestions in the feedback forum that I think people are going to like, one adds a small counter to the build menu showing how many structures of each type are built (currently up to 99, I might expand that), and the other adds a "++" icon to the object options for structures allowing you to quickly queue up a certain building type for construction. They will be pretty self explanatory in game, but if you want more information, refer to the relevant threads here and here.

I started adding basic support for My Tokens in My Colony with this release. You can get detailed information in this thread, but as of right now, Tokens you create have a small random chance to show up in your game as tourists. The Tokens stuff will be optional, but will also be expanded quite a bit over the next couple of months for those who wish to use this additional social feature for the game. To create Token avatars for both My Colony and the forum, you can check out the in-development web app right now at this location:

This LIS finally received a long awaited upgrade to their capitol building, the Independence Hall Level 3. Because of the way the LIS government tree works, it is actually the equivalent of the United Earth's Capitol Level 5 in terms of trade capacity and policy unlocks. I plan on getting LIS up to par with United Earth in government structures probably next update.

Reptilians got a couple of new structures this time, along with the ability to build the already existing Water Pool, which just goes great with their lovely River Pebbles. The new Reptilian Galactic Fine Arts Exposition unlocks a new resource the luxury Painting. This will be used by all civilizations for luxury structures, once there are enough of them out there for trading. The paintings are also available to the LIS through the Black Market Bazaar. In addition to Paintings, the Galactic Fine Arts Exposition also brings tourism to the Reptilian worlds.

The humble Zolarg got a couple of new structures this time, one for producing Obsidian, and a long needed upgrade to the Money Pit, the Obelisk of Plenty, which is sort of their scaled back equivalent to the Humans' Investment Bank. I still have a lot of Zolarg content to add, but their graphics take longer to do so my motivation has been lower to work on them :-/

Next, you will notice that the storage caps for Ore and Regolith have finally been implemented. I announced this back in December, so there has really been plenty of time to prepare. These were the last two resources without storage caps, so it only made sense to turn on. To aid with this, there is a new storage building called the Gravitational Compression Warehouse, which stores up to 4 million of everything. Basically, one of these buildings (or two maybe) gives you enough storage to build anything in the game and then some, so I think there is plenty of storage available for those who need it.

On the more technical side, the Windows 10 version had quite a few fixes and upgrades this time, and now gains the ability for cross-platform offline LAN multiplayer that all of the other versions already had. Due to the changes though, the Windows Store version now requires at least the Anniversary Update to Windows 10. Now, this update came out like two years ago now, so pretty much everyone should have the Anniversary Update. If you don't though, be sure to get it so you can upgrade to the latest version of My Colony. Or just use the Ape Apps Launcher, which works on any Desktop platform.

Finally, the price of My Colony Premium has now been raised by $1. I announced this change back in January, and have finally implemented it. The game has a ton of content at this point with free online play, and honestly I think its a bigger game than many offerings on Steam which go for $10 minimum. It would be nice if the game could have no free version and just cost $4 straight up for everything, no ads. The ads are actually the source of many of the game crashes on mobile, but honestly I can't feed my family without them, so it is what it is :-/ But I do appreciate everybody who has paid for premium and helped make this game what it is today!

So that's it for this update. Hope you enjoyed, and there is a lot more to come, so stay tuned!
Aah nice update! thought you were going to add a rover for the crystals in this release? since you forgot last release
acutely adds are a issue with many games just so you dont feal picked on lol .
matter of fact they are the cause of the other games crashes and frezzes and what not .
The difference is this game is worth having when the others crash to much I just delete them lol .
My main grip is once again no way to play payed for game offline .
But I guess the game will be on line longer then ill be around on earth anyway .
ps the xx to clone new buildings is a nice add in as the build bar is so large now .
( wondering what steam is ) NOT play store for sure .
No ten dollar games there ( not including the scam games designed to empty wallets . lol

I thought with the 50 release it was made impossible to switch from offline to online?
wow well i guess you could put your game on steam but it would take a act of god for people to find it .
just glancing through the site it would take a week for me to find one or two games I mite enjoy .
man that site bites lol
Ps your games are better off the way you have it set up now .
ps yes my colony and anit are worth 10 Bucks but you sell 20 times as many by keeping it well 4 now
Can't get paintings as LIS?
Thanks for the queen update for the Zolarg, will make it easier for already built colonies to be able to do the Crystalline harvesting :)
WOuldnt it be more fun and give more purpose to the other maps if specific resources, like crystalline or obsidian, from other maps wouldnt be available on the GBT / star gate or even produced naturally on other maps like red planet?
GenisisHammer said:It's a good update but I think we need to have more buildings dedicated to the storage of ore.

Thats where the gravitational compression warehouse comes in.
I cannot go back to normal gameplay mode once I try to build something, the cancel button dont do anything.
Somehow i was forced to press confirm in order to exit the building interface.

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