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Visual indicator of new buildings available


This is another short suggestion,

Once i have a lot of buildings available to build, i find it difficult to navigate through and see which ones are not built yet.
Eg. i might have unlocked the adv. steel building through research but it won't appear in the build list until i have the resources to build it, but that might happen after a little time and i might forget i never built one (or never notice as the list gets so massive after a few techs have been researched).

I'm suggesting that either: the build list contains a "new" tag, or border around the structures that are newly researched or unlocked, or...

(perhaps more feasible), a number not dissimilar to a notification bubble denotes how many of each structure i have already built, so i can tell that i have 0 of adv. steel at a glance, whereas i have 3 banks, or "2..." instances of paving (to indicate that i have 200+ pieces of path). This wouldn't be hard to implement i think, mostly because actually clicking on a building already tells me how many of them i have (so the game is already keeping tabs on that).

thanks for reading :)
@shootingfish86 what do you think of this:

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well it only goes to 99 which covers most buildings but not all .
so to add to this ideas why not make it so when you hover over the building on bar it shows the full number like storage does on the banner
I love that!! Amazing! Well done
Could you pleas add a search function? Since it is really annoying to find a specific building sometimes.
looks good, would go up to 999 though and then do the +; that should handle any situation as I don't think anyone will have more than 1k of the same building, save maybe the mc gurus that have been here for ages and have huge colonies. This feature would have many uses, especially for those who like to calculate the exact amount of resources produced by a particular type of building. Right now we have to manually count our buildings, which can be eye-straining.

By the way, I wouldn't worry about it covering part of the image in the corner, since there are other games that do the same thing where the number covers a small part of the image, but they still look nice. It's also a pretty small font, so a four character label(999+) wouldn't cover much area anyway.

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