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My Starship - New Concept Game - Page 7

Hello! Wadaling (the madman) here.

I have some ideas for this game.

New classes of starships
Commercial Freighter - This type of ship has almost no arms, but it does carrying a quanitiy of industrial goods.
Armed Freighter - Valuables delivery requires security. This Freighter is equipped with arms and thick armour making it a difficult target for ordinery pirates to attack.
Light Warship - This type of starship is essential to national defense. You might found them patroling in their own territory, but if you attack them, you’ll be in BIG TROUBLE.
Repair Vessel - It provides repair services, as well selling some starship parts.
Research Vessel - Do you need some more awesome upgrade? You can obtain them there!

New Features
Crew Specialists - It may benefit your trip in various ways.
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I've just posted the v0.10.0 update for My Starship. You can see the full release notes in the first post of the thread, but this adds a few new things. There are 3 new starship classes, a bunch of new upgrades, and some new planet factories. You can now buy starships from the Docks (if the planet has ships in inventory). Fuel Tankers will now actually respond to ships in distress and refuel them. AI ships now trade with each other. You can now harvest resources from uninhabited worlds.

More to come!
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Posting the My Starship v0.11.0 now. Updates include combat! You can now fight the ships you pass by.

Each ship now has a captain which is pulled in from roaming My Tokens. In addition, there are new UI updates, including badges next to planets that show what Civ they are from, if they have a dock, etc.

Update will be hitting all platforms soon. See the original post in this thread for more details!
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v0.12.0 of My Starship is now available. Update adds a quick Refuel option to planets, fixes a host of bugs, and allows for diagonal starship travel.
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Can we join or create a FLEET?
I mean, hiring manned ships to follow you and accompany your ship (flagship) to accompanish the missions. Or take down larger battleships.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
A new ship idea: Novamariner.
UE ship used for explorations.
Highly durable.
Decent speed.
Supports multiple weapon.
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HELLO CAPTAINS, or, fleet admirals???
And most importantly, @bastecklein !

It have been long since the last update of the game.

But here, I’m having lots of ship ideas!

United Earth Military Ships
  • ‘NovaMariner’ Heavy Dreadnaught Class Battleship
    ‘NovaMariners’ are the backbone of the United Earth fleet, a truely deadly space fortress installed with over 16 anti-fighter guns, 15 beam cannons, 3 heavy torpedo decks, and 3 powerful main cannons - ‘Lancer’ railgun.

    A.G.E.I.S shield generator
    Triantanium composite reflective hull armour
    Anti-fighter turret ×8
    Battleship class tri-gun beam turret ×6
    Heavy torpedo deck ×3
    Lancer railgun ×3
    Hybrid-nuclear combat combat secondary thruster
  • ‘Marksman’ Heavy Artillery Ship
    ‘Marksman’ is a specialized long-range fire support warship equipped with a devasting ‘Lancer’ railgun.

    Paladin shield generator
    Triantanium hull armour
    Lancer railgun
    Anti-fighter turret ×2
    Hybrid-nuclear power combat secondary thruster
  • ‘Angler’ Cruiser
    The ‘Anglars’ are one of the most importat heavy warships of United Earth fleet.

    Triantanium hull armour
    Paladin shield generator
    Regular class twin-gun beam turret ×2
    Medium torpedo platform ×2
    Anti-fighter turret ×4
    Hybrid-nuclear power combat secondary thruster
  • ‘Strut MK-VI’ Destroyer
    ‘Strut MK-VI’ destroyers are United Earth’s common space combat vessels, participated in most escort missions and battles.

    Triantanium hull armour
    Paladin shield generator
    Medium torpedo platform ×2
    Regular class twin-gun beam turret ×1
    Anti-fighter turret ×2
    Hybrid-nuclear power combat secondary thruster
  • ‘Bardon V’ Standard Fightercraft Carrier
    ‘Bardon V’ carriers are the most common operation vessels in the United Earth.

    Aircraft deck ×2
    Titanium composite armour
    Guardian shield generator
    Anti-fighter turret ×4
    Gunboat beam turret
  • ‘Thor’ Bombardment Ship
    The famous ‘Thor’ bombardment craft, heavily filled with bombs, are the siege machines of punishments, and ‘peacekeeping’.

    Triantanium hull armour
    Bomb deck ×3
    Torpedo deck ×2
    Guardian shield generator
  • ‘Clipper’ Gunboat
    Most ordinary space patrol vessel that roams around the territories of United Earth.

    Titanium armour
    Gunboat beam turret ×2
    Anti-fighter turret
    Guardian shield generator
  • ‘Morton’ Land Operation / Transport Vessel
    United Earth uses it to carry troops around. Sometimes they’ll take the role of ship boarding raids.

    Torpedo platform
    Guardian shield generator
    Nuclear power combat secondary thruster

Later more ideas will be introduced!
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The continued list of ideas.

United Earth Vessels
  • ‘Pioneer MK34’ Multipurpose Vessel
    ‘Pioneer’ ships have a very long history, these model series of colonization ships serves even before United Earth was founded. For years of development, now they have a wide range of usage more than interstellar colonization, with the innovative modular designs allowing adaption for different purpose.

    Hanger bays ×1
    Base storage value 2000
    Fuel tank capacity 100
  • ‘Inspector’ Survey Vessel
    ‘Inspectors’ are perfect surveying vessels in space - Able to support long trips with their large fuel tanks, and additionally able to support long range scanner arrays which other ships don’t, it’s widely used in pre-colonization surveys, scientific observations, and even military scouting.

    Long range scanner (built in)
    Base storage value 300
    Fuel tank capacity 100
  • ‘Twinshaft’ Medium Range Mining vessel
    A common starship used by human mining cooperations.

    Mining beam (built in)
    Hanger bays ×3
    Base storage value 500
    Fuel tank capacity 35
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

I have some ideas about more things in the space.

Major civilizations might deploy starbases in the open space for defense.
Attacking these starbases with your ship might be foolish, they are heavily armed, and able to defend against fleet attacks.
Starbases, unlike planets, yields no resources and does not sell starships. But they can offer quests.
Captains with military passes of specific civilization can use the starbases of corresponding civilization for ship repair and refuel, at a higher cost.
Starbase model names of different civilizations:
  • United Earth : Star-fort
  • LIS : Relay Station
  • Zolarg Empire : Hive Citadel
  • Alpha Draconians : Defense Node

<Other objects in the space>
There might be other objects in the galaxy.
Such as, dangerous space minefields.
Interesting space abnormalities.
Wild aliens in space, like space squids?

Technological developments pushes civilization to another era.
And new era might unlocks more items.
My ideas for eras are like:
  1. New Colonization Era - The earliest era possible, when the 4 civilizations begins colonizing undeveloped planets of distant systems or conquer minor civilizations.
  2. Quantum Era - The rise of quantum technologies brings in the quantum engines, which long range travels becomes possible without a supply chain.
  3. Dreadnaught Era - Major civilizations begin building large starships, for logistics and military.
  4. Nanotech Era - This is an era of modular innovations - compacted components brings massive possibilities for the starships.
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Playing v0.13.0. About trading with NPCs, most of them seem doesn't have money when you attempt to sell goods to them. Also, during 10 or so minutes, there seems no pirates attacking. I know it may be early version, I am seeing forward for more improvements.
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