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Extra Worlds {Pre-Release}


Hello! Extra Worlds is getting close to being ready for her release! This means that the release content is close to ready, and bugs have been mostly ironed out! But as always, please do let me know of every single bug that you come across! The more I can fix, the more I can make this mod polished!

Anyways, version 0.3.2b has quite a lot of stuff, so listen up!

All the planet icons have been updated to be 3D!

Transcendence has a new building: the Transcendent Gold Synthesis Lab!

Nanotech has been added to EW, with Nano Builder Bots and Nanomines being added!
-Nano Builder Bots will be able to build everything next update, I just ran out of time for this update.

Lava world got yet even more new models, with the Obsidian Drilling Operation following the Drilling Operation archetype!
-Diablo Crystalline, Obsidian Rover, and Obsidian Deposits got a remodel.

New Worldtypes:

Plains World
-Has clay mines available to be built

-It is just like Saturn's moon, Titan! Because that moon is very unique.

Swamp World
-Has swamp natives

Uranium Synthesis Lab rum consumption nerfed

properly compiled models

Anyways, enjoy! There are many things that I forgot to mention!

The Spice must flow.
Release is here:

(Will make a proper post soon, gotta see about adding it to the modshop.)
The Spice must flow.
Awesome work Dino!
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