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New game difficulty "impossible"

The impossible maps have no natural resources and need to get all their resources from trading.
how do you build a GBT then
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
@bkudaimi - your just gonna love the new lava map Bast is working on. Moving lava....
The lander acts as a gbt
I was thinking about a map called kieper sphere. Keiper sphere are giant manmade spheres that surround starts and harvest all of the solar energy that the star puts out. The map would put you on a space platform with a lander, a builder bot, an ore fabricator, and a few solar panels, and there are no ore nodes. The main building resource on this world would be power, not in the sense that it can run out, but in the sense that the buildings hooked up to it that fabricate matter from the power would have a high power usage from the start. The user would have to build more and more power production to handle the colony. Eventually the player would be able to build two structure called a "power transport node" and a "power transferrence facility" that would take up tons of power and produce tons of money since it's transporting the power to other customers to use (which is the main purpose for the keiper sphere, to make big bucks off of solar energy). To make it even harder, i first thought of making the map start off on one platform and having to use ore and steel to build more platforms to spread out, but that might make it too hard and might break the engine.
for the Keiper sphere you will add a atmospher colector
who take hydogen to the star and do nuclar fusion(here you take 2 little atome and do 1 big) the nuclar fusion product a lot of power but need a new ressource(hydrogen) and 2 other building where you do the fusion and the atmospher colector who colect sun atmospher
and somewhere in the old topic we have some more idea
for ressource:
new solar tower:
and somewhere to found 'spatial station' can be cool for difficult
Well, keiper sphere is all about collecting solar energy from a star, which is already undergoing fusion, so buildings like that are not needed. However, you could make a building called a plasma collector, which would attract traces of plasma from the solar wind coming from the star. You can use this plasma to fabricate certain resources like water. Plasma is all hydrogen, but when it's in it's hot state those atoms can be fused into heavier elements like oxygen. That could be how the colony get's it's water. Plasma could also be used to make other things as well, but it would make sense to add a plasma resource when you have a keiper sphere map.
yes (and all is real but not sur plasma can do other thing) so for ressource you can add something like a spatial 'net' who catch ressource like the black market for LIS

1 map is a space station
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