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Upgradable rovers

#1 2017-09-13 16:22:48
This is a little long winded I'm afraid, still I think it's worth considering.

So it seems to me that a problem with the game is how the bots keep slowing down the game. Now I know that there has been in fact quite a bit of improvement and bravo to the people making this game. In fact this change is far less sorely needed than it once was because of how much they've improved.
That said I made a lot of clay miners recently, before the .43 with it's new glitches, and it significantly slowed down the game. Now obviously this was an unwise choice on my part, but I think the game would be better if the choice of using vehicles as opposed to building for resource production didn't penalize the user.

To this end I think it would be good if there was a building upgraded from the chop shop that combined vehicles together. I'm thinking we'd call it robot reassembly. I'm thinking that on the actual bot there would be a counter, one for each type of robot, that would increment every time you clicked on the building with a bot, as in what already happens with the chop shop.
Ultimately the bots would be a particular resource that would be used in the production of a new bot. Practical upshot you can combine bots, and have all the power of a massive working force with far less slowdown.
I'm thinking there would simply be some preset levels of combination

I'm thinking that only two stats really would need to be changed. First for those that gather resources the max number of resources carried would be multiplied by the number of bots combined. The second would be a counter kept internally on each vehicle. Basic vehicles would have a count of one . More advanced vehicles would have a count of how many it took to make that vehicle. Ten builder bots used to make this one builder botX10 the counter will be at ten. This would be used for construction. So instead of getting the count of how many bots are building a building from the number of, I'm assuming your using objects, it would be based upon the internal number within that object.

I would suggest that the vehicles produced are in lots of 10, 50,100, and possibly even 1000 for those who really want to build things quickly. There should also for harvesters be one extra for however many it takes to completely use up say an ore mine in one go. so their harvesting capacity is equal to, or slightly exceeds the largest deposit it might use.

Obviously this is predicated that the reason vehicles slow down the game is ultimately because they all have to do path finding. As I perceive it making it so one vehicle is tracked, albeit with higher stats, as opposed to twenty will effectively nullify the slowdown that vehicles can still cause.

#2 2017-09-13 21:48:45
Its a really good idea. I love the idea of fusing rovers.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
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