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[MOD] Zolarg Prime

In this mod the Zolarg race has been reworked. Models were rebuilt for many of the buildings.

I've tried to elevate the bugs above the surface of the planet and give them some insect themed construction.

Mod file is below. Here come some before and after pics:

Mod File:

170923: Updated some of the ice world buildings. Refinements to higher command, mining operation, and aluminum mine.

171003: Updated the unholy mound.

171009: Updated the unholy pit of stuff, unholy core mine, mystic shrine, and wet cone.

180120: Updated obsidian deposits, lava ground texture, and crystal vaporizer

Looks awesome! Love the detail you put into it :-)
Main colony:
human - Eldia: 0tThkRFL
human - Gondwana: MQGtwWQR
insectoids - Deinonychus: fQ3oqKnA
I've added more buildings and more bugs. The forest world buildings have all been updated except for the wet cone, mine operation, trees, and water tile. I haven't gotten far with the ice worlds but I did update the tundra bugs. Screens are now as above. The updated mod file is attached in the original post.
Updated the unholy mounds. See OP.
Oh. My. God! Absolutely amazing!
Looks great! Any plans to update with the new buildings from last update?
Yeah. Haven't opened my Zolag colonies since the update. I'm probably a couple of updates behind.
hushush said:Yeah. Haven't opened my Zolag colonies since the update. I'm probably a couple of updates behind.

Looking forward to you catching up. Keep up the good work
Updated some lava world items. See OP.
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