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Add fatty foods

When colonists go to eat they have 2 options, healthy and fatty foods. Fatty foods are cheaper to produce and they are adictive. Healthy foods are more ezpensive to make but they improve colonists health. The healthy food is represented by chicken. The unhealthy food is represented by butter. New buildings include: a butter factory, chip factory, chocolate factory, chocolate farm, and cow farm.
if you have chocolate i say yes
need oil factory(for cooking)
new build:
dinosaur center
use oil to make dinausore to do more oil and dinosaure toy,
use a DNA lab to take DNA from oil and do dinausore and use dinausore to do more oil and use the oil to do dinausore toy
hum make sense
and what's the purpose of this?
but it can be just a new building and a tec
like the food presing but for fast food, so will use:
food and oil (for burger and chips),sugar (for artificial chocolate and sweet),water(to drink),toy(for children) and alu for the box but
need a other new building(fast food) where colonist can eat (and spend a lot of money)
for the outside do something like Mcdonald but put My Colony for title and a bug for mascot
i take the first picture and because i was thinking it will be funy like it(if nunez499 is not happy or other thing i can uderstand and do something like it with a other picture or change text)
My Colony

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