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Why don't you care about your citizens?


Its well established that the nation of Armstrong LC is a nation of sharks. So when your citizens come to my nation as tourists we obviously treat them as sheep and take all their money with our casinos and luxury hotels. This leaves them broke with no way home.

What I am saying is, they need you to send me an embassy so that they can get assistance from your government getting home.

Send me an Embassy @ gArZ4cAu

I suppose in return I will also send you an embassy so that your government can protest to the staff there about being sharks.......
Embassy sent - Emerald City X, from the Nations of Oz Federation.
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This sub forum section isnt for embassy requests
Sub forum section name: Commonwealth area
Embassies: Commonwealth only content
Why not here then?
Its me Lego.
Its a section about commonwealths, not embassies. Embassies are not commonwealths. whats not to understand about that.
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