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Not Saving

#1 2018-01-18 03:34:10
My colony has grown considerably and it use to always save and now it is just stuck on saving game and I have tried to turn off auto save but it still just tells me saving game.Also I have over 1 hundred thousand people and a map size of large.Pls help.
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#2 2018-01-18 13:49:58
100,000 is not going to be the issue as even I have had up to 130 k and top colonys are millions .
so if the file has a error you may be out of luck but here are a few things to try ( one Turn off auto save turn ON compressed save then try saving .
2 do a hard reload of the game ( ctrl- f5 key ) UMM well if your on chrome there are better ways when on main game page click chrome setting on right top side then go down to more tools then click developer tools . This will open a box on the right side of the screen once open ---- ON the top left RIGHT click the refresh browser tool and the opption to do a hard reload will be shown click that and done .
3 on the main game page using setting do a HARD colony file back up save . Then totally reset the game and import the back up file .
Good luck
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