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Best money maker

I've found that the conference hall produces the most money/min in my colonys even surpassing the investment banks. It doesn't seems like a good 'investment' to even build the investment banks anymore? Am i alone on this?
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They do produce a lot for how inexpensive they are compared to the investment banks, but I had no idea that they surpassed them. Can you show us your formula/math @CDisease? If you can show us the math and how building these are more effective than building investment banks, then bast can clearly see that the issue is legitimate and needs changing.
Well my math is only based off of the actual building stats so worker energy will effect the exact numbers. Investment bank fully staffed produces $1,612/min requiring 80/min consumption where as the conference hall fully staffed produces $475/min. The conference hall needs rum, micro and food though for consumption but also produces Research. So it produces less a min but the construction cost is way more manageable plus staffing making it a better choice for income.
I have 6 banks currently producing $13k
I have 186 conference halls producing $154k.If some one wants to get real picky and run all the numbers feel free. That's alot of math lol. I feel that the Investment bank is definitely not pulling its weight.
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The income vers expense is out of balance has always been .
wile it is possible to bring in fair income - up to 250 k per hour the amounts of buildings needs is unreall ( 186 conference centers lol )
there is NO way to make good money through Income from buildings Except by sell resources .
With 200 advanced dig sites you will bring in more coins a hour selling arts then if you fill the map with coin makers
using resources and maxing ore - gold - steel - cloth income you can easly be making 2 - 5 million coins a hour no amount of coin producing buildings can come close to that and the added advantage of having resource to build .

My advice is forget making million of coins per hour from coin producing buildings its a wast of space and resources and will never give a good return on teh investment .

any real world bank would be bankrupt lol
CDisease said:I've found that the conference hall produces the most money/min in my colonys even surpassing the investment banks. It doesn't seems like a good 'investment' to even build the investment banks anymore? Am i alone on this?

But alas. Even though the Investment Bank is very expensive, it is worth the buy and if you can fill the jobs quickly, it will provide enough money to buy/import what you payed to build it. I receive $2,300 per minute average. If you really want to see $$$ try Exporting Microchips and Robots. I receive an average of $40,000 per exporting 1,000 of either.
Another smart move, and what I personally endorse is the exportation of Uranium.
Get your hands on Uranium somehow. All you need is 1000. From then on, use the Uranium Enrichment Facility to double each individual Uranium unit. Between these three materials, and if you create houses, immigration, and rations/water resources correctly, you can base an Empire off of exporting and importing, just like any real-world nation/country.
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Thanks for all the advice. I use the GBT all the time but i like guaranteed income! I only have 62k population at the moment so plunty of space to build. I have just as many dig sites as well. My focus is on aluminium production and Enrichment. Also i let my game run while i sleep so Money/min adds up nicely.
Love this game!
Hello, I think that the Investment Banks are the best investment because even though they are expensive they are worth it. I have 1,012 and generate 5m per minute of money and a few million civics. At the point where I am I build them a lot because they employ a lot and are good idle money makers.
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He says that jewlery stores are competitive against investment bank and he is not wrong if you think per tile and if you take into account the price of the bank (and therefore the price of repairs) but of course you need diamonds to run it... I can't do the math rn but might be worth to take a closer look
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Honestly, I think everything even's out in the end. in order for an investment bank to be a good investment, your colony has to be advanced enough to provide the amounts of resources needed to build them en mass. But if you have a smaller colony, they are a bad investment. For smaller colonies, the conference call is a better investment until they become more advanced and increase their production.

So whether a certain building is a good or bad investment is directly related to the colonies size and progress through the tech tree. At certain points through the tech tree, certain buildings that were once unreachable become barely buildable, and then eventually easily buildable, but eventually those same buildings become too "cheap" or obsolete for your needs. For example, you wouldn't consider the gold mint a good investment if you are able to build a hall of congress in under a day, but neither would you consider the hall of congress a good investment of you can barely build one investment bank.

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