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Dylan's Ideas - Page 3

Here are my ideas for new Reptilian structures:
Reptilian Triangle of Enlightenment-
A triangle shaped research facility that is the Reptilian analogue of the research lab.
500 Ore, 30 Uranium, 150 Aluminum, 300 Antanium
New Tech- Human Rovers
15 research; Unlocks ore miner, gold miner, lumberbot, claybot, drone, diamond miner, sugar bot, and extraterrestrial builder in the slave gate. Will cost $250 to $1000. Now you can build trees, ore and gold mines, sugarcane, clay mines, and harvest diamonds.
Reptilian Microchip Factory-
Produces microchips by slave labor. Hires three managers (see later). 2 by 2 1500 ore, 1500 gold, 750 aluminum, 500 antanium, 100 uranium
Reptilian Robot Factory-
Produces robots by slave labor. Hires three managers. 2 by 2 2500 ore, 2500 gold, 1500 aluminum, 1000 antanium, 100 mc, 100 u
Fuel Power Plant-
Based on a 20th century human dictator's idea, the Reptilians take the Insectoids and burn them for a lot of power and atmosphere. Has tours and hires 5 managers. 3 by 3 5000o, 4000g, 1500al, 2500an, 250mc, 100r, 500u. Consumes robots.
Produces 5000 power and charcoal
The Mines-
Brutal working conditions for your slaves to slowly harvest the alien artifacts. Hires 10 managers. 5 by 5 15000o, 12500g, 2000 all, 5000an, 250mc, 500r, 150u. Consumes robots and 150 power.
Unholy Light Source of Death-
When their reactors become useless, the Reptilians reuse them into a very strong aqua green light source. Produces 150 power, but can easily kill your colony.
Human structures: Charcoal compresser
Manager- Middle class, $30
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Dylan Carter
Conjurer in NOZ
Join the Nations of OZ!
Dylan Carter
Conjurer in NOZ
Join the Nations of OZ!
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