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Workforce Issue - Page 3

I can add that some buildings are avoided by workers. They even prefer go jobless or find another job at the other side of the map. Even super close proximity to everything they can ever hope for and great wages are not enough to get them working here. They only fo if they have no other choice. Sometimes.
Also, those buildings seems to suffer from the already mentioned "I am looking who is working and everyone flies away" thingy. This even appear in the stats. Eveyone works and after checking some are jobless.

And the "workers not working until the boss checks why they are not" effect solves itself by a bit of patience. It usually lasts up to 15 min maximum. They go back to work by themselves sooner or later.
My colony will be ticking away happily at 98% approval with all jobs filled for hours, and then suddenly people will just suddenly start leaving their jobs. This quickly collapses into running out of food and water and everyone dying. I opened up the workers dialog for the first time after seeing this thread

Doesn't seem right.
My Colony version: 0.69.0
OS:Android (8.0.0)
Mobile Device: Samsung Galaxy S8
Population: 52,656
Unemployed at time: 3,726
Approval rating: 98%
Average health: 99%
Homeless: 16892

Render Colonists - off
Resource Text Poppers - off
Building Animations - off
Short Numbers - on
Show Storage Limits- on
Lighting Effects - off
Day/Night Cycle - on
Particle Effects - off
Check Render Distance - off
Render FPS Cap - Extreme
Simulation Update - Performance
Low Res Mode - on
Multithreaded Pathing - on

A lot of my buildings have stopped producing even though they have workers (like 0/35/35 for a vertical warehouse farm) and will not update the workers status unless I go in and tap show workers four or five times and then I will see the list of workers suddenly go on duty. Once I back out of the building's menu and tap it again it will have 32/35/35 workers. This has been happening to me since I hit around 20k population and only gets worse the more population I get. It seems like it's using their energy as well but not producing anything.

This affects all of my buildings randomly too. I have loads of jewellery stores with 3 workers but all of them are refusing to work. My high number of worker buildings like investment banks and sweatshops also show like one worker at a time working until I use the above method.

This seems to also be affecting my housing too since I keep my housing under my total amount of jobs available and for whatever reason I have homeless people despite them having a decent amount of savings (500+)

This seems to happen the most after doing a fire drill so that function has become useless to me.

I've attached pictures of one of my luxury towers as an example.

Info I see on bottom right tool tip:

After tapping show workers a few times:

Few more from list:

I think I have a similar problem. My jobs say all filled (979) I have a population of 1100 and half my buildings are unemployed. I let my whole conolony died, then started to slowly bring them back in. As soon as I turned on the large residential complex it started happening again. I've demolished all those and trying again is just the small homes. Also fire drill does nothing
Hi I got quite a related issue with my workforce...

Trough all updates since, I don't know - 1,5 years ago, my workers start to leave their jobs and get a job at the new building. It doesn't matter how far away from their home it is, how happy they are or something else i can control as player..... I guess you can imagine that this is the point where my Colony starts getting busted ;)

So perhaps the problem lies within the behaviour of the colonists searching for a job and changing it without any purpose?
Other reason could be that the colonists don't stop searching for a job when they already have one and always try to change their lives?
Would be far easier without such odd behaviour ;)

Adding: and the same odd behavior at Antiquitas - though not that bad .

Commonly it starts with buildings needing more than 50 Workers.

(Playing on PC, Win 7 Pro 64 bit)
Game used to be awesome. Such a pity...

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