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Antiquitas v1.6.0 Released - Page 2

@bastecklein I think it will be a fun addition if you make a premium statue of Asterix and Obelix from the cartoon/comic book
To keep up with taxes and make enough coins In Gaul
Focus on Slave markets for the time being .
a 100 will supply enough coins to meat taxes and save enough coins to buy up to the first government teck
10 k coins
Keep all other building types minim once you have 11 or 12 k coins delete half the slave markets and build 50 druid rings for research points .
Doing it in this fashion will alow you to get all the new stuff in under a day ( and even rack up tons of civic points as even two clan halls will get 20 - 50 k civic points fast)
As a side note to @Bast the reference site for Antiquitas has not updated to 1.6 yet, its still on version 1.5.
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