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Over all Game view .

Education - tested Colonist fail to use schools No matter which type put in
Rating- Can no longer be maintained ( Yea I know BUT you never have a problem .
well Instead of just Idling that massive or even normal size colony try making a new one or just delete ten to 100 buildings and rebuild them .
windows platform versions of both game are no longer usable ( ongoing over a month .Cant or don't care to fix it ?Take windows version off line .
This will effect how people view the game .

The Biggest issue is the programmer seams to just program then upload without any or very little testing so when a update goes on line . And not just the live in development version there can be and have been massive game issues that could have been solved Before the update was relised . This is the second time when a version has not worked for over a month .
wile he can and does solve bugs it seams to be random and some bugs just linger so much that they are in game from versions .25 on up .

Overall I can not bring my self to keep the game at a 4 star rating and honestly there is NO reason this game cant have a 5 star rating its a great concept .

All of the above applys to Antiquitas Right now the issues are minim for that game but the programmer has a habit of using my colony updates as the base to update that game and thus the same game issues are being transferred to that game .

To Bast I really enjoy both games and these games are the first I have bought in almost ten years .
I really hope you reach the next lv of programming wile It great that you enjoy the programming it is the players who make it possible to do this from home and its a shame that all it would take is a little Before you upload a update testing to avoid some of the issues the players have had .

I know this criticism is unwanted Heck who does want it . And I have been impressed with the skills shown which are way beyond mine ( which is why I wont even try to make a apk game )

over all game performance Chrome exultant minim bugs game speed fast .
But facts are facts The game has a requirement that effects rating that effects game play in a big way and the Requirement can NOT be met and going by the past and ongoing Colonists failing to use health services and just protesting to death the education requirement effecting ratings is something that will make the game to hard to manage .

I see little likely hood this problem will be solved as Again colonist have failed to use health services from when they were put in many many versions back .
You can still have 20 sick and not one bed being used and the 20 will let them self die before using a bed .
Check your deaths on a large older colony and see how many have died in you 100 % ratings colony .

Unless these things are solved The game may very well die But it can be solved so its all in what the programmer decides if its worth his work .
As for my self Ill still play but now view the game as middle ground at best between the worst clickers and the best strategic games .

Hopfully some day this will change again the game was worth a 4 star even with the bugs and maybe it will be again .

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