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Windfall Profits Tax Update 44.0

I noticed that the web browser has updated to 44.0 but not the native client. So I imported my native file to the browser and got hit with a Windfall Tax. I'm OK with it. However what is the reasoning for it?


The browser version is the live development version and is generally a version ahead of the native client. Development is done on the browser version and when ready, released to all platforms.
Yes I see. However will the Galactic Emperor come back for more of my profits? :-) I am wondering what triggers the Windfall Tax in the latest version. Has a list of updates posted for 44.0? I started playing the online mode last week and I find it more engaging with this feature turned on. Thanks by the way for all the hard work. <Sorry Just noticed the link in your reply!> Thanks again!
No list of updates for 0.44 yet since it hasn't been released to all platforms. Once it is you can check the "Update and Announcements" sub-forum for details.
Excellent Thank you!
I like it. Seems fair and sometimes I can find fair trades.
Just a heads up, if you get the tax on the Web, you won't also get it when you open your game up in the native client again.
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