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2018-08-24 13:26:43

Antiquitas v1.16.0 Released

Alright everyone, I have just published the v1.16.0 update to Antiquitas, and it should be arriving to all platforms in the coming days. This release contains all of the engine updates found in My Colony v0.69.0, as well as a new laundry of bug fixes and engine updates which have been patched since the last My Colony release. It also fixes some in-game text strings that had previously been missing.

In addition, there are 10 all new Egyptian civilization structures available (three premium), including:

New Structures:
- Reshpu Sanctuary
- Competition Field
- Palace
- Vizir Palace
- Temple of Amun-Ra
- Great Pyramid
- Sphinx

New Premium Content:
- Small Golden Sphinx
- Pharaoh Palace Wall
- Palace Wall Pylon

So that's all for today's Antiquitas update. Hope you enjoy, and as always, send your thanks and appreciation to @jova for his amazing artwork contributions to the game!
2018-08-02 03:13:37

Antiquitas v1.15.0 Released

I have just published v1.15.0 of Antiquitas to all app stores, and it should be arriving to devices within the next couple of days.

This update adds three new Egyptian structures, the Ship Yard, the Fishing Docks, and the Egyptian Docks.

In addition, I have made some changes to the engine, and there is a new Engine Setting allowing you to disable multi-threaded pathfinding. I am testing this out with Antiquitas to see if it cures some of the "workers/rovers will not move" issues, before I push it out to My Colony in the next update for that game.

Anyway, let me know what issues you have, and thanks for playing!
2018-07-14 12:18:07

Antiquitas v1.14.0 Released

Another Egyptian update is hitting Antiquitas last night and throughout today! Here is a look at what is new:

New Structures:
- Egyptian Oil Lamp
- Town Market Level 2
- Medium Egyptian Bakery
- Training Camp
- Egyptian Jeweler
- Saqiya
- Egyptian Tailor
- Egyptian Flax Farm
- Heqa Het
- Egyptian House
- Large Egyptian House
- Housing Complex

New ad-free Content:
- Egyptian Decorative Oil Lamp

In addition, all of the bug fixes up to My Colony v0.68.0 have been rolled up into this release as well.
2018-06-21 16:47:38

Antiquitas v1.13.0 Released

Today I have just published Antiquitas v1.13.0, which should be making it's way to all platforms (including Xbox One) within the next few days. This is Egyptian Update 2 and contains some bug fixes as well as a whole host of new content. Here is what has been added to the Egyptians:

New Structures:
- Small Desert Torch
- Egyptian Olive Tree
- Slave Market
- Egyptian Wall
- Egyptian Town Doors
- Egyptian Tower
- Potter
- Oil Mill
- House of the Sun-Nu
- Egyptian Gold Smelter
- Egyptian Gold Mint
- Cultivated Palm
- Temple of Thoth
- House of Life
- Functionary Hall

New ad-free Content:
- Decorative Egyptian Olive Tree
- Small Temple of Anubis

In addition, Gual and Roman cities started on the Egyptian map should now be able to build Abal Shrubs and Cultivated Palm Trees.

That is it for today's update folks, much more to come. Enjoy!
2018-06-13 13:39:41

Antiquitas v1.12.0 Released

Today I am pleased to announce an exciting new update to Antiquitas. v1.12.0 should be making its way to all platforms over the coming days (pending app store approvals), and is by far the largest update to Antiquitas yet. You may recall that last update a few weeks ago included a new Aegyptus map. But how can you have an Aegyptus map without a brand new Egypt civilization?

So today's update is part one of the new Egyptian update series, and includes over 30 new structures, including:

- Desert Well
- Desert Storehouse
- Slave Merchant
- Small Mud Hut
- House of Scribe
- Djed of Osiris
- Desert Track
- Small Egyptian Granary
- Medium Desert Storehouse
- Egyptian Stone Hut
- Egyptian Bronze Smelter
- Egyptian Toolshop
- Small Egyptian Mint
- Small Egyptian Bakery
- Brick Factory
- Desert Stone Path
- Paved Road
- Palm Tree
- Small Egyptian House
- Exciseman
- Egyptian Brewery
- Egyptian Blacksmith
- Small Tavern
- Egyptian Goat Farm
- Small Temple of Horus
- School of the Scribes
- Town Market
- Town Well
- Shrine of Bastet
- Decorative Palm Tree
- Egyptian Decorative Torch

If you appreciate the new Egyptian content, please send messages of thanks and encouragement to @jova who has done a fantastic job on the new civilization artwork. Then get out there and start building up your Egyptian city. Obviously the civ is not complete yet, but there is enough there already to take you up to independence. And this is but a taste of what is to come over the next few Egyptian updates to Antiquitas.

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