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My Colony Competetive: Poll

My idea is that you get multiple independent charters on one mega map, and have them compete to get the all the land. This is not a complete idea, but I think that it has good ground.
Overview: You go to the menu, click on Competition Map. A popmenu will ask for the charter codes of those competing. A conformation will be sent to the owners of the charter code, verifing their enterance in this map. Once confirmed, you will enter a mega, Red Planet Map. All civilizations can play, so landers and mounds will appear. Each charter will have a predetermined piece of land, their "lander," a builder and ore miner, and an exploration rover/bug. The exploration thing will allow you to gain territory and more resources. It can build walls, fences, gates, and flags. The rest of the game play is the same. The competition ends once all landers are under one person's control.
Tell me what you think!
Dylan Carter
Conjurer in NOZ
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I would like to see some competitive nature or some badge earning aspect but I believe Bast has said a few times it will not have player vs. player aspects ever.
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