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Scrolling resources

First time post. I adore this game I really don't like the latest update in my opinion has taken a step back.
Pro: it's clearer to read resources amounts and the storage numbers on individual buildings I like.
Con: the scrolling resources has seriously affected my performance. I have never really had an issue. Loading up a small colony I have just started its very laggy and struggling to get around and be productive in game play. Loaded my largest colony and it is, unfortunately, completely in playable. On mobile it's horrible. But I can see it not being an issue on desktop.

Proposal: could there be an option in settings to have the old system of it on the side with no scrolling. I think this will boost the performance again.

Interested to see if anyone else has been affected by this.
According to the release post:

"You can toggle between this view and the old view by tapping/clicking on the resources display."
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option old style banner - old style banner with short numbers toggled settings long or short numbers
rolling banner short number - long numbers
Pick long or short numbers from settings in with key binds area
then just click banner to rolling or old style
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