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Deport The sick and unemployed !

#1 2018-04-08 14:57:22
Well kind of a work around for employment or being sick issues .
But it sure would save time and coins ( TONS of coins if we could just deport unemployed or sick colonists .
Then new ones come in and problem solved . When the game gets this patetren going of random unepmloyment ( from 0 to 1500 and back every hour or so it causes a massive drop in ratings and colonists then protest them self sick and to death even so by deporting the unemployed and sick when it happens that solves the issue .
After wards its a matter of taxing them a few times then giving them a 400 stim package to get back to 100 % rating .
#2 2018-04-09 03:01:24
Build the Hall of Congress and you will unlock this feature.
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