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Deleting tiles on Mobile Platform Extremely Time consuming, UI update needed.

Whilst I enjoy playing the game on Android there is one UI feature lacking that makes the android (and probably iOS) platform EXTREMELY ANNOYING!

When playing any game with ritch resource maps, deleting resources and building (but mainly resources) is extremely time consuming and annoying as unlike the desktop and browser platforms players are unable to delete resources in bulk.

What I mean by this is when building on mobile platform a player can select one tile and then another one on the same horizontal and vertical axis and the UI will fill up the tiles between so the player doesn't need to select each tile to fill.

The same feature is drastically needed in reverse for demolition where the player can select one active tile on horizontal and vertical axes and delete everything between.

Currently without a physical keyboard + without a keyboard UI within the game the player needs to select every tile that they wish to remove. This can take hours to remove all excess tiles in its current build, which takes too much of the time away from creating .
Same with things like solar towers or any large number of buildings in rows .
One at a time . But hey it only took a year to even get a dozer lol and boy did we very beg for one .
I do believe Bast had a a tragedy in his life involving a dozer a kitten two snakes and a Monkey who was driving the dozer .
This is needed for sure, and I think Bast knows that - it has been requested a number of times.

I will say, it's better than it used to be. You used to not even have a bulldozer, you had to manually go into each building and click sell or delete and repeat.

So it's not ideal, but it has been improved over the past, and hopefully will be improved again in the future.

(Another option could be the click and drag for a box option like when you select multiple units, except for a bulldozer, and be able to delete everything in the box).
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