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To name a Star

Well Bast personally I want you making money from this game the better it does the more you want to do for it so here is a idea just for you .
See NASA has a way for people who want a star named after them to have it added to the star book they have for named stars .
Add a telescope in game when you click it the screen shows stars - Kind of like the colony star map then add a option that a person could pay 1 $ to have a star with what ever ( CLEAN name they wish )
So when other players open the telescope they can see the NAMED stars .

Would be Kind of a cool way for people to have something personal in the game every one could see
and they get to feal a little special Something done in game just for them .

To expand ( to avoid any conflict LIMIT ONLY one name per star - not a name with two parts ) you know like John Jake would be a no no .
To keep people info from becoming a little to public .

Still would be cool your favert animal your favert first name person or your own first name AS long as its just a ONE part name you would not have legal issues from it .
Anyway think about it .
PS maybe you could add telescopes even without a star field view after all it is a space colony game
The telescope would be nice to see who is playing on the same network as you are. Would be nice

And I personally don't think it would be a small building like 2x3 but rather have it 4x12 or something really big to scout the galaxy really easy.
Well, I think it would be cool to, in addition to having a commonwealth surrounded by it's subcolonies, bast could make a map view with a star for each username, and then orbiting that star is all of the colonies that the user has built and played, regardless of what commonwealth or faction they belong to. This could be the "accounts view," and then the original map that bast has now with a commonwealth planet surrounded by it's sub-colonies could be known as the "commonwealths view."

Then, in the accounts view, a user should be able to search for a particular account and see which colonies are registered to them, what the names and charter codes of the colonies are, and basic info like population and gdp of that planet, the faction used to colonize, happiness level, and such. They should also be able to search colony names or charter codes and see which account a name or charter code belongs to. Since there can be multiple colonies with the same name, I would just show all of the accounts that have colonies with a certain name, and it's up to the user to figure out which one is the one they were looking for.

The orbital rings around the star would mean nothing, a person could have a thousand colonies registered to them and thus a thousand planets would appear to be orbiting one star, the purpose of this view is just to provide aesthetics and show the user which colony belongs to which account. It may even make it easier for bast to see which charter belongs to which person so he can ban a perpetrator if he needs to, haha.

I would also give the player a measure of control over what that star looks like, like changing the color, texture, and glow of the star. This would be a premium feature.

Later I'm going to put this in a new thread for people to see.

By the way colbya, I like the idea of a telescope because it could show who is online by showing the stars in the sky. And then the user could zoom in on any one star and see the planetary information and which planet is online.
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