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New Buildings, Resources, Techs, and Building Categories

I thought about some new buildings. I will update with .svg's soon.


Worldly Whamburgers

Restaurants (new building category)
Get your colonists fat 'n' happy by serving them some hot juicy space burgers!
Gives 10 money for every visit, consuming 10 food each visit

-5000 steel
-2500 ore
-1500 food
-1000 water
-1000 gold
-1000 microchips

Artist's Loft

Hire artists to paint their lives away for you!
Produces 1 painting every 100 ticks
Consumes 1 cloth every 100 ticks

-7500 steel
-5000 ore
-5000 water
-2500 gold

Extreme Diamond Compressor

Use the power of magnetism to create diamonds!
Turns 10 charcoal into 1 diamond every 1000 ticks

-10000 steel
-10000 ore
-10000 water
-7500 magnets
-5000 charcoal


Produced with gold, steel, and microchips


Discover how to create magnets!
-100000 research
? techs

Building Categries

For buildings that consume foodstuffs
(pub, worldly whamburgers, etc.)


Tell me what you think! Thanks!

Go Pittsburgh Penguins!!
This is really good! I want Whamburgers!
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I am not blaming these ideas but I am not sure about everything.

The whamburger shop cost microchips but is it some sort of OP machine that makes a lot of drones? If the answer is yes, have it like so that it makes drones that deliver food(?)

The extreme diamond compressor, the normal buildings has just been added so it might balanced soon. And what do you mean whit ticks? I do know what you mean whit it but what is for you 1 tick? For me, it is 0.1 seconds. And the building itself isn't that expensive. Like there is no aluminum or uranium involved when building it.

Magnets, the idea is bad. It is a great item that I would love to mass produce but, real live magnets are not made in that way. Not sure how they get made but not whit gold.
And the research requirements are nice as well, but late game players could really easy start mass produce them.

And the category restaurant is o.k., but we need some more buildings to fit in that category since 1 or 2 buildings isn't a lot to fit in one category.

But as I said before, I am not blaming these ideas. I am just saying what could improve them:-)
whamburger is good, but I would have it decrease health by 1% for each visit as a downside. This would make more use of the hospitals and would also be realistic. $10 a visit is realistic and reasonable for the materials that it costs, I would say it could be a good mid-game money maker because you have the potential to make a lot of money from just one whamburgers, but not so much that it is op. I would make it available after 1 mil atmosphere.

For the artists loft, sounds like a good idea, but since the more resources added to the game, the lesser the quality and performance, I would just make the loft consume cloth, oil(for paint), and produce tons of money and entertainment. While paintings would be cool, they wouldn't have many uses in the game just yet, maybe later on. You could also add a gallery to your list of structures, which would consume paintings and produce money and entertain guests, or it could just cost a crap ton of paintings and then just provide entertainment and money. It would have an entertainment iq requirement though because only the intelligent would be able to appreciate the art.

Like some1 said above, there is already a diamond generator for humans, which was long awaited. However, magnets could have potential to be a useful resource. I was thinking about a mercury/blast furnace type planet where buildings need to be protected by magnetic field generators that repel solar radiation. Buildings would need to be placed under these shields in order to prevent them from rapidly deteriorating. These field generators would require magnets.

I don't want to push too hard on new planetary maps though, because bast has been focusing on straightening out all of the content that he already has in the game and filling gaps that made the game somewhat unplayable before. This is more important.
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