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Android colony unplayable.. Crash

So since the last update my Colony force close when clicking on my colony to load in. And it would do this about half of the time I tried to load it over the week you got progressively worse and now I cannot get access to my Colony at all today. I've sent feedback to Google Play. And to make matters worse I was going to uninstall and reinstall the application to see if it helps but when I go to backup game data right before it takes me to Helios it force closes. My last backup was 5 days ago so I'm trying not to lose all of that work. And the last time I reinstall this game my backups were corrupted so I'm kind of skeptical to reinstall. If you can help me out I would appreciate it I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running the newest firmware unrooted. And I'm running the latest version of my colony which Is 0.61
Cleared cache and data on app... Reset phone.. Cleared phone cache and partition data.. Deleted all apps installed since this began... Nada.. However I can start a new game and play it normal so it's game file related
Update 2...restoring old backups of that colony crashes the game... Attempted to Port that colony to desktop...stuck on attempting to restore backup.. I was able to use the emergency recovery and get on but now unfortunately I'm stuck on desktop I made a new save copy on my desktop transported it back to my phone to try and restore with a new file and it still crashes so now I'm stuck on the desktop and cannot play my Colony on my phone
What are the stats of the colony?

I mentioned this to you in Chat yesterday, but it was moving so fast you might have missed it.

Most of the Android crashes are memory related, and the Android version struggles with big colonies.

Even on a device with tons of RAM, the operating system still will only allocate a small amount to an individual app.
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What stats are you looking for... I had 580k colonists roughly 150mil main resources.. 5 mil triantanium and other rarer resources.. I noticed the crashes started when I hit about 500,000 colonists and got progressively worse so it makes sense that as I got up to five hundred and eighty thousand colonists to stop completely and yeah I tried to follow in the chat but I logged back in 30 minutes later and it was completely wiped with new conversation... so it sounds like it's probably more of an Android limitation and not something you would be able to fix huh. I've been trying to do some research but I haven't come up on anything do you know of any way to allocate more RAM to a game without rooting
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