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Remove unwanted buildings from the menu


with tech levels rising, more and more buildings appear in the build menu. In my view, it would be huge QoG upgrade to add some menu/pane/window, where you could unselect unwanted/old/obsolete buildings and they would no longer appear in 'All Buildings' list (you could re-select them if you want).

What do you think?
Any building that has an upgrade unlocked for it, is moved into a new building dropdown called "Obsolete", Workers and Builders wont be included in this as there are at least decorations all builder types are useful for.

I'd also like to suggest an additional idea, Upgrade Suggestions.

Whenever you get the chance to upgrade a building to a superior form, a button will be in the bottom left corner of the game window. When you get an opportunity to use this window, the button will light up, and when clicked, it'll display a wide menu.
Each item in the menu goes as such. To the left-most side, is the original structure graphic you'll upgrade, with an arrow pointing to the upgraded structure graphic to the right side of it.

To the right of that will be upgrade buttons, wide ones at that. First is to Upgrade One, and it will display the total cost of that under the button's own text. Second is to Upgrade All, which will display the total cost of upgrading all of those, with red numbers to indicate resources you need more of to complete the upgrade.
Having not enough resources to upgrade something fr every resource the building requires, will still allow you to start the upgrade, but maybe a dialog will appear that indicates "You won't be able to finish this quickly, be sure what you are upgrading isn't massively important, or this might suck"

Ofcourse just an unrefined idea off the top of my head, so take it with some salt ofcourse, ideas are like putty, sometimes there's something you can do to make it look better. :D

Also tbh, I'd just like more dropdown menus for things like Research buildings and Communication buildings, things that don't appear outside of the All Buildings options.
I think it would be better if things were organized better so that the better versions are near the top of the menu and on mouseover it can say what building it upgrades from (if any).

Also, we have all been waiting for a menu option for research buildings. Communication buildings could use a separate category, though I think many of them are considered government type.
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