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Blank Tiles !!!! For texture mods

ok here is a idea to make texture modding much much better .
Blank Tile sets 1 b 1 / 1 b 2 / 1 b 3 / 1 b 4 / 1 b 5 /2 b 2 / 2 b 3 / 2 b 4/ 2 b 5 /3 b 2 / 3 b 3 / 3 b 4 / 3 b 5
4 b 4 / 4 b 5 / 5 b 5 /
Just add a drop down box to the building bar with the Blank tile sets all by them self then when someone mods one the blank tile set gets replaced by the new texture .
this lets us keep buildings and add new stuff or our own wile giving us a good range of lots to mod .
Lastly Make the UP TOP tall Size as tall as the investment bank ( not that someone needs to use all that room but if they do want a tall building they can make one . )
Ps this was done with another game that players added lots to .
Ps if someone places a blank tile in game the game would just show the grass or ground through it But maybe a small small box to let them see it so it can be dozed would be a good idea .

Also seeing modding is pay to play----- only pay to pay players would even be able to place even a blank lot anyway and most of us know enough to not have issues with it .

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