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Bigger farm

#1 2018-04-27 15:57:54
food production is a little unbalanced
now the game does not need any kind of massive food plants
but a Bigger farm ( and The first of its kind lot would be nice .)
just create a new farm size 5 b 5 and add a small out building to the lot .
Could be a barn or some such it would be the first lot with more then one building on it .
then change out put to 3 times a regular farm ( this would just reduce the farms needed or food production need so we dont end up with ten of each type which for 500 - 1000 colonists is a lot reserved for farms .

PS mite want to consider making lots with two or more buildings on them as well ( the second building would jut be for looks but it would add a new dynamic to the game .

Yes a lot or two may be consider having two thing like hunting party or park but I am saying lots that produce resources and a second building that is a building like a barn or a small out house living space for farms or some such . Or sheds you get the idea . It just makes lots that end up with free space and more stuff on them free space for grass or what ever .
#2 2018-04-27 17:27:06
I was planning to realize a Country Manor.
Gaulish Chieftain lived in this large house and his submited people in small farms around them, so, similar the Villae Rustica, I can draw the Manor and some other minor building interspersed by fields and little woodland spots, so we can have a structure with a biggest production level. You thinked something similar?
But keep in mind that a fisherman structures is ready to be implemented, so the food production will raise thank this source ...
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#3 2018-04-27 19:12:07
o yea forgot about that . well good point yea i think the art is amazing but there is no reason there can be a few over sized lots that not only hold one building but hold serverial
really the hunting party is kind the idea but more what your talking about a country manor with a cottage on the same lot or stables ( no stables in a game with charets lololol .
A horse farm sure brings in good ideas adding horse ranches or something .
heck even as a resource horse breeding .

Pss so do enjoy the art you have quite a talent now why not a challenge and make the collosis ? statue
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#4 2018-04-27 19:17:35
ps mite want to dress that dude in armor of the time lol
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#5 2018-04-27 19:20:25
now that would make a cool colossus statue standing liek the first
#6 2018-04-27 22:00:00
Colossus Bastus!
Dylan Carter
Conjurer in NOZ
Join the Nations of OZ!
#7 2018-04-27 22:07:15
now that i would go with lol ok bastus it should be