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[NOZ] Alpha2


Charter code: nuhP0B3e (zero not O)

My colony started out as a small little colony that I was going to not really work on and then I found a really good community, NOZ. Check it out in the links or just click on the photo above😀

Benefits to join my commonwealth:
  • I can provide you with a surplus of resources to help build your colony
  • You will be entitled to join NOZ which has a free trade system where you get more resources from established players
  • I am online very often. I will reply ASAP and allow you to solve your problems
Benefits to join the Discord Server, NOZ
  • Friendly, experienced community
  • Free trade, always a surplus of whatever you want
How to join the Discord server?
Click Here

To learn more about NOZ
  1. NOZ Forum Post
  2. NOZ Facebook Group
Glad to have you with us Alpha!
Hello! I am a High Wizard from the Nations of OZ, come check out our discord server!

Anyone that joins my commonwealth and the NOZ discord in the next 10days gets extra resources to build their colony
My Colony

Ape Apps, LLC is an independent software development company founded in 2010 by Brandon Stecklein. Over the years, Ape Apps has published over 400 apps and games across various platforms. You can get in touch with Brandon on Twitter or by leaving a post on his wall @bastecklein
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