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A Unified My Colony Community

NOZ, Nations of OZ, is in a word, COMMUNITY. This is the where you can to share, talk, voice chat on the common interests and games we have on our server. The largest being My Colony, followed closely by Cafe Bot.

NeotheOne started this project with a a few mates and it has grown to a place where acceptance is key, and no one is alike. A culmination of amazing cultures coming together to create new experiences for all.

NOZ is let by Veterans, NeotheOne, Vyryn and Wubs, together with amazing players like Cry8Wolf, Wubs, Vince some of whom have made it to the TOP 5 GDP. You can also meet our other fast rising leaders in NOZ by joining us at Discord.

Not only that, NOZ runs an active trade channel for MyColony, making it much easier for members to trade or buy resources. NOZ Discord today has over 600 members.

The Nations of OZ works closely with all players to help and nurture individuals who are either newbies or leaders with much time in the game.

We also boast an international Discord server, with people from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Chile, India, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Australia and so much more!

In July 2018, NOZ started opening new channels for other games to evolve the NOZ community. The Games are :

Full Fledged Communities
My Colony
MineCraft - InvasionMC
Pokemon - PokeCord

Other Bots
B**bbot (Access to channel - ID required)
Third Prince of NOZ (Our very own NOZ Bot)

All said and done, NOZ will continue to have My Colony as our mainstay and community.

Nations of OZ Federation DISCORD link -


The Nations of OZ has 5 ranking tiers, namely

Archmages are the community leaders and server admins. Between us, we do all of the following: server administration, posting announcements, keeping new things going on, communication with other federations, banning members, leadership discussions, leadership direction, and public presence. Also all responsibilities of Wizards.

Wizards are junior admins, responsible for settling disputes that get out of hand, assigning roles, fixing server issues and other duties assigned by GWs, in addition to the duties of Conjurers.

Conjurers help with running the community, welcoming new members, assigning roles, keeping chat active, monitoring chat, keeping an eye on trouble makers, and are involved with all leadership discussions. This is a moderator type role. Conjurers also have all the responsibilities of Sorcerers.

Each month, 2 Conjurers are elected for a 1 month term to begin the month after.

This unique role is a recognition of the hard work our largest members have put into the game. Anyone with a colony of at least 500,000 people can get the Magus role. It is added on top of other existing roles (Sorcerer/Mage).

Sorcerers are key members of the community. They are experienced in the game, and have earned their independence and decided to create a commonwealth. Sorcerers are involved in most leadership discussions, and take on extra responsibilities such as advertising their commonwealth and helping newer members, helping to expand the community.

Mage is the general membership role in NOZ. Anyone who has joined NOZ receives this role. They have access to the full resources of NOZ and are expected to grow their colony and learn the game, helping other members as able


What is DISCORD?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers and works on both your desktop and phone.We all meet on Discord to share, and enjoy each others company while we wait for our storehouses to be full. Come on by, and meet the people of My Colony face to face. Join us as we step into a world of fantasy.

Wiki : Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser. As of May 2017, Discord has over 45 million users

6y ago

The Nations of OZ, or NOZ is a My Colony Federation. However, with the booming interests of our members we have decided to branch out to Antiquitas.

The Nationes ex OZ Crest

The Garuda Crest is the Emblem if Nationes Ex OZ. The Garuda with its keen eyes symbolizes perspicacity, courage, strength and immortality, but is also considered the "king of the skies" and messenger of the highest gods. Not to be confused with the Roman Aquila, the crest depicted here shows close ties with Nations of Oz. The Nations of OZ are a group of Wizards that conjure with their magical orbs. The Orb is also shown in this crest, with the Garuda chasing it. May the Nationes ex OZ, Antiquitas sister of the Nations of OZ rise.

The Antiquitas Channel resides in our Discord Server.

The Nations of OZ boasts an international server, with people from Singapore, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Chile, India, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Spain, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Australia and so much more!

How to join us?

Nations of OZ Federation DISCORD link -

What is DISCORD?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers and works on both your desktop and phone.We all meet on Discord to share, and enjoy each others company while we wait for our storehouses to be full. Come on by, and meet the people of My Colony face to face. Join us as we step into a world of fantasy.

Wiki : Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser. As of May 2017, Discord has over 45 million users.
6y ago
So a couple of days ago the state of the Ape Apps website was briefly being discussed, and I mentioned the idea of merging the forum section of the website into Ape Chat and just having all discussions take place in there. I have since given it a little thought, and I believe I have come up with the solution that I am ultimately going to implement, and that is what I want to discuss here.

Some time (probably) this year, I am going to be retiring the forums here on, the official Discord server and even Ape Chat, and I will be sort of merging all three of them into a new/resurrected Discussions app.

Since most people here have joined during the My Colony "era" of Ape Apps, many may not remember the "Discussions" era, but it was my original app business success story, basically the thing that let me quit my "real" job and go full time with app development. I am going to give a quick history here of the Discussions app, and then talk about why that is the direction I am going to be going in and what it's going to look like.

Back in 2010, one of my very first apps was called Super Bored, which was an extremely basic communications app where people could post text and eventually pictures onto a single threaded chat board. The app started to gain a following, so I decided to copy/past the code and release another simple forum app called World of Warcraft Discussion. That one became even more popular, so I followed it up with Star Craft Discussion, Halo Discussion, Call of Duty Discussion, Body Building Discussion, and several others. The next thing I knew, all of these "Discussion" apps were getting a pretty active following, but it was sort of a pain to maintain all of them, so since they were all running on the same server anyway, I decided to merge them all into one giant forum app that was simply called Discussions.

Discussions was pretty active, up until Google removed it from the Play store (back then it was still called the Android Market) due to copyright complaints from Activision over the Call of Duty section and CoD images being visible in some of the screenshots. I tried to appeal, but not only was I rejected, they actually followed up by nuking my entire developer account because of the other video game themed Discussion apps I had (Halo, WoW, etc).

Anyway, the community lived on for a while, but with out the apps being on the market place anymore, it slowly faded away. There is still a remnant of it on a Discord channel, and part of it slit off into the RP Forums forum community. But eventually my interests moved on to making games and business applications and I never really put a serious effort into bringing back Discussions. There is still a remnant of Discussions that you can see as the first category here in the forums section of the website.

So fast forward to now, where I have Ape Chat, which is now embedded into both of the My Colony games. I have found it to be extremely handy to be able to communicate with the game players without having to actually have the game running, and my plan was to start implementing Ape Chat into most of my applications. But then we run into the situation where Ape Apps now has the chat, the forums, and also now the Discord channel for discussions. To my thinking, why do we need to have three different places, when everything could just be together in the same app?

So this is my plan for the new Discussions app, a merging of the Ape Chat, Forums, and Discord server into one unified place. Now I am not going to be using the old Discussions code or anything, and really beyond the name of the app, it's not going to have much to do with the old Discussions. But in my opinion, the name "Ape Chat" does not make sense for an app that allows more than chat. And plus I already own several domains related to Discussions that have been sitting collecting dust in my account for years now.

So what will the new Discussions be like?

I have a lot of plans, but here is what I am thinking right now. When I originally created Ape Chat, I designed it to be like an IRC server, and a lot of its limitations come from that initial design decision. It works pretty well for just plain chat, but when you want to start adding advanced stuff, it shows its limitations.

First of all, as compared to Ape Chat, the front end and the server are going to be completely disconnected, and in fact, the new Discussions client will allow people to spin up their own servers on their own hardware and run their own private Discussions community with their own rules and setup. Of course, the app will come pre-loaded with the official Ape Apps server.

Within each server there can be any number of channels. I don't know if channel is a good word for it or not, we can come up with something else, but they will also be able to be grouped by topic. So for example, there can now be a My Colony group, with several channels related to My Colony.

There will be multiple types of channels as well. The regular chat channel, which is how Ape Chat is now. There will be threaded channels for a more forum-like setup. There will be voice channels and video chat channels.

There will also be a private messaging system that will be replacing both the "Mail" and "Conversations" features here on Private messaging will be one-on-one between two users, or users will be able to create their own private channels like they can now in Ape Chat and do whatever they want. For one-on-one private messaging channels, I plan to support both voice and video, as well as direct P2P file transfers.

What will happen to the forums here?

They will be archived for a while and eventually taken down. The code behind the forums is a mess that has been layered upon more mess over the years, and I will be glad to be done with it. Plus I am tired of fighting constant spam. Users will be encouraged to migrate to the new Discussions platform.

The rest of the site is going to be redone from scratch, and will be more of a static information and marketing site for my stuff, but I will still maintain "What's New" type posts and updates, as well as an RSS feed that people can subscribe to. Actually, the new Discussions app will probably read that RSS feed as well.

What will happen to the Discord server?

It will ultimately be shut down once the new service is ready. I don't really think it will be needed anymore, and plus I really don't like Discord. You may look at the features from the new Discussions and ask "why not just use Discord instead?" The reason is that I cannot embed Discord into my apps, and not only will I be able to do that with Discussions, I will be able to do it in a completely custom way that lets the service have app specific features.

What will happen to Ape Chat?

Discussions is basically the next version of Ape Chat with a re-branding. It will simply redirect to the new domain, and all of the in-game implementations of Ape Chat will be migrated over to Discussions.


This is probably going to happen some time this summer. If you have suggestions on what the new service can look like, you can feel free to leave them here. I think it's going to be a lot better than the current Ape Chat, and it will be nice to only have to go to one place for communications!

Also fun fact, Discussions has an id of 1 on the Ape Market internal database, it's the first app I ever added to the Ape Market (actually, the whole reason I created the Ape Market was to host Discussions after Google took it down).
3mo ago

Join Komenita

Come join the Commonwealth of Komenita! We are a group of people who are always willing to lend a helping hand where you need it! Komenita has a large stockpile of all resources and has generated trillions of GDP! Do not hesitate to ask for any and all resources you might need. High payroll assist of 1000% will pay for all taxes and then some.

The Commonwealth of Komenita is open to all and provides assistance for anyone who joins!

Reasons to join
  • Assistance from a large Colony
  • Free Resources
  • Massive payroll assist

Charter code - Q7wjz5w3

Join the Nations of OZ

Komenita is also part of the Nations of OZ, which is a Federation who welcomes any and all players! The discord server has a wide variety of people from a wide variety of regions all across the world! Whether you want to come by the discord server for a bit of fun with the bots, have a friendly conversation with our members, or even to get some help and advice from our numerous experienced players. There is always a place for you at NOZ!

NOZ Discord

Come on down to the Commonwealth of Komenita, we will be happy to have you 🙂
6y ago
The Diver Colony 3.0 Commonwealth is a good commonwealth that is decently new but has a great support system!

This commonwealth would be a great commonwealth for anyone to join especially if your just starting out and need help, partially because of it's leader, but also partially because of its links with other commonwealths from the discord channel of MCA: This discord channel has helped the growth of this commonwealth very much through the support of the people in the discord server! I have also started my own Discord channel, if you join my charter then my Discord server you will get 1 bill instant in-game money!!

The Charter code for this Commonwealth is : 2PhzOfph.

So come on and join the Diver Colony 3.0 Commonwealth and you'll be able to grow much faster and easier with the help of your fellow commonwealth members!
6y ago
Greetings and salutations prospective colonists.


Join NOZ.



I always accept Annex requests regardless of the debts you owe to your tyrannical Overlords.
Now onto the introductions.

I am the Nomad commander of the Desert Nomads
We thrive while others merely survive.

Desert Nomads are the descendants of the early pioneers who first began to explore the far reaches of space, in search of freedom from persecution and the preservation of free will.

Due to the United Earth Commonwealth's corruption and the high leaders trying to subdue and rape their own colony's the Desert Nomads were forced into action thus forming what is now known as the shadow legion by forcibly taking over a (nearly) forgotten pre-war military testing facility located near Groom Lake in what was once the fabled silver state of Nevada.

Today the Desert Nomads have spread their influence all over the galaxy and standing as Peacekeepers and enforcers.

United we stand or separate we shall fall.

Eternal Glory to The Nomads of the Federation
Once a Nomad always a Nomad.

We are dedicated to helping the last few survivors get a self-sustainable colony up and running with minimal early on struggles due to the UEC's domineering tyranny.

To receive your fabulously generous starter join us on discord and sound off on #signup
Additional gifts are given periodically so long as you are active.

The longer you have been in the colony and grown the more likely to be granted more expensive resources eg cloth, uranium, aluminum, and artifacts.

Discord makes everything better including my gifts and your My Colony Experience.

Emergency food/water supply's always available upon request via in-game or forum msg...honestly, if you get to the point in which your colony is starving the first possible reason is that your name is "My Colony" and thus did not receive your fabulous starter pack.
The second possible reason is you never asked for help and let the poor buggers starve.....

Incidentally, the price of rocket fuel is directly proportional to the price of tea in China... Who knew?

Apparently, radiation makes it hard to grow. :D

If you join send me a PM with your colony name or just join Discord and I'll send an extra gift.

Having trouble with Taxes? Just ask for money Or Rum to keep em pacified

Hope you enjoy, NOZ has an awesome Discord server.
Join here and have fun!

A Brief bit of wisdom from The Nomads of the Federation.

Check for announcements and updates on the My Colony Forum often.

Never fear to ask your fellow members for help and support that's why the forums are here.
If the worst should happen remember to hang together or else we will most assuredly all hang separately.

The most important bit of wisdom in both life and gaming is to always remember to keep your mouth from writing checks that your posterior can't cash and telling the boss that the reason you did was cause you accidentally slipped and broke your word won't make the hammer hurt any less.

When the soldier in front of you is killed pick up his rifle/ammo and then shoot until you either kill the enemy or are killed by the enemy in which case know that the man behind you thank's you for the bullets you saved him from and that the rifle you dropped upon death will be used to kill more after you have fallen.

DONT PANIC or as the Brits say KEEP CALM CARRY ON.
And remember to bring your towel.

The Legion awaits your arrival.

Desert Nomads WebPage.

6y ago

Charter code: nuhP0B3e (zero not O)

My colony started out as a small little colony that I was going to not really work on and then I found a really good community, NOZ. Check it out in the links or just click on the photo above😀

Benefits to join my commonwealth:
  • I can provide you with a surplus of resources to help build your colony
  • You will be entitled to join NOZ which has a free trade system where you get more resources from established players
  • I am online very often. I will reply ASAP and allow you to solve your problems
Benefits to join the Discord Server, NOZ
  • Friendly, experienced community
  • Free trade, always a surplus of whatever you want
How to join the Discord server?
Click Here

To learn more about NOZ
  1. NOZ Forum Post
  2. NOZ Facebook Group
6y ago
Ah, Hello I see you have found the commonwealth of the Mars Base Alpha

The Charter code is: shRyBa0V

Now remember all new commonwealths start out small and weak. With the help of inhabitants of other bases from no matter what species you are we can help this grow.

Discord is free to use and you can open in your browser or install a free app on your mobile device. Here are some servers related to this.

First Future Federation Discord: Https://

Mars Base Alpha Discord:

I also have a youtube channel so check me out there: https//
6y ago
Hi, the Galactic Men is a brand new Commonwealth and I am in need of experienced people (all are welcome) that can help me manage my Commonwealth and give me tips. I have made a discord server (that needs a lot of work) where you can give tips. For those who join, post tips you think will help in the discord general chat even if there are no asked questions.

Discord link:
Discord user: bestbro5#4749

Charter Code: TUx0xgVi

Much to learn.
Galactic Men, thank you.
6y ago
Updates from Discord!

The Wizard Elections are coming soon. It is only open to Sorcerers. As such, if you are independent and do not have the Sorcerer Rank, and would like to participate. You have a few days to do so.

Wizards have the second highest power in the NOZ Discord. They are essentially Junior Admins, as well as have active My Colony games to help people in need. They are required to be active on Discord and In-Game. The SC would like to remind candidates that once your rank is given to you, you must continue to earn that rank through your duties and responsibilities in this server.

The Wizard Election is now open for candidates. Please DM @Starlord to register. Please read above for description/rules.

Registered Candidates

*All usernames are Discord Usernames.
6y ago

Come and join the commonwealth of Last Hope!

Here, i'll answer all questions, help if needed and help to kick up your colony with a payroll assistance of up to 200% and the taxes are only 50%

Code: 61FtdH5i

Join our Discord server, where you can chat with the members of the commonwealth :

Last Hope is one of the members of the federation of Nations of OZ (NOZ). In NOZ's discord server, you can find lots of people that can help you
NOZ discord server:
5y ago

✨Greetings to All✨

I feel great giving out this fantastic news for the my colony community! Bast has been very keen on getting support from the MC community to help the development of his new project and game My Colony 2!

The Leaders of Nations of Oz, one of the oldest my colony community out there on discord, thought what better than to ask @bastecklein actually talk about how we as a community can help him out. Bast readily agreed and now we are setting it up along with leaders of other federation.

We cordially invite you to the server to get the latest updates as well as let your questions know before hand!

Hosts for the event will be:
@cry8wolf9: ape app forum moderator & Archmage of NOZ
@Boliver9067: A sorcerer of NOZ and the leader of T1P

The live chat is for now set to be on Monday (August 3rd) in Nations Of Oz discord server. Ask your questions before hand in #questions_for_bast

Note: Exact time of the VC will soon be notified. make sure to join discord server for the latest updates and a ping, when VC starts
3y ago
Welcome to the Commonwealth of Utopia Planitia, part of the Grufather Empire and sister commonwealth of Xindi 7 and Desolation.

Founded on november 13th 2016 under the flag of United Earth and declared independence 5 days later on the 18th.
Main Colony is Utopia Planitia, but it has several sub colonies.

Utopia is also Co Founder of the First Future Federation and has sworn a lifelong allegiance to it.

Anyone who joins Utopia, joins the FFF and benefits from all the help the active discord community brings.
Suit up and join Utopia Planitia, Xindi (Zolarg), Desolation (LIS) or all 3, become part of the Grufather Empire and The First Future Federation.

I want everyone to learn how to play the game as it should be. The real way, like I did when I started playing. There were no payrollassistence or starter packs, back then. So it's back to basics.
This helps you learn how to use your resources efficiently and the value of them. I won't let you die, I will help you as much as I can with tips for how to set up your colony and how to micro manage it. In the long run this is far more valuable than shortcuts with large amounts of financial compensation and resources, making the game easy to play.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, from every decision you make in the game you learn. Trial and error is my credo for the game. And on the discord of the FFF, where you have plenty of people to help you with trades.

I accept embassies and annex, but I would appreciate a message saying who you are. Don't forget that I have to pay for annexing you.

Join Utopia Planitia if you want to be part of my human Commonwealth: 25uV3cKw
Join Xindi 7 if you want to be part of my Zolarg Commonwealth: xM8Hkn8U
Join Desolation if you want to be part of my LIS Commonwealth: S9s86KZh

And join First Future Federation community on discord, be part of the group en become important!

Join my commonwealth chat:

6y ago
The NUF is a new Federation, created when @DolphinPride138 DECLARED INDEPENDENCE from UNITED EARTH!

Mars 2020
--Charter Code: qyyDTxbo
--Starter Pack (Limited Amounts!)
--Tax Help
--Resource Help (If you send a REASONABLE request)

--Charter Code: YLyozeBo
--More details coming soon

The Sith Conglomerate
--Charter Code: Lkl8XZa0
--Payroll Assistance: 200%

Independent colonies/commonwealths to apply for NUF membership put your info in a comment, or join the NUF Discord (link below) and apply there!

Join the Discord:
Welcome to
Astro Corporation

Astro Corporation is a proud member of the First Future Federation and is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of our Colonies.

6y ago
the republic of kekistan used to be a commonwealth of the normie nation known as [ikea] warehouse. but after continuous battles against the normies, kekistan has finally been liberated. you too can join the fight against the norimes by joining our discord here and enter this code jXbyHUZE into the commonwealth tab of my colony to join the cause and keep kekistan liberated
no normies allowed
if you dont know what that is you are one

dont harass and bully other kekistanis
kek does not permit that at all

NEVER act like an sjw or femanist
this is the main reason kekistan took the steps to be
liberated. doing this is resetting all our progress

not really a rule but feel free to ask for as many resources you want on our discord and i will give
but if you need food or water we will be happy to give you

kekistan hopes all of its citizens to be happy and enjoy
their freedom from the normies/ have fun

100% payroll asistance
25% taxes

no more rewards because if you need anything just message me in game or on discord and i will give

as always, praise kek and have fun

the republic of kekistan is new so it does not have a large population

topic moved because people were being kekophobic
Hey guys, I've been playing since around mid September. Since then, I've grown quite a bit and now have an independent colony in UE, LIS, and Zolarg, so whatever faction you choose you can join under me! I don't have much resources to give other than my UE base, but I'll help where I can to get you started on the right foot. Here are my charter codes:

(UE) dkxyYO8B

Mad Melvins Uranium Utopia
(LIS) Y76DIiJl

Zesty Zolarg
(Zolarg) tViTB0Pr

And don't forget to join the FFF, the oldest and biggest Federation for My Colony on Discord

I've currently ran 2 RPG games based off of My Colony, and will be running a third game soon. This 3rd one will be based off of the upcoming Colony Wars game Bast has mentioned creating. I don't know much about the game (as it's not made yet) so my RPG version will not have any spoilers to his game (sorry, I'm not a mind reader after all) but I'll give you a quick rundown of it.

You'll be assigned to a faction, UE or LIS to start. If we get enough players to join I'll add in Zolarg and Reptilians as well. Each team will have their own private channel which is only able to be seen by that team. There, they will talk, strategize, and vote to decide on a number of different things. Gather resources, build different structures, hire guards for these structures (or for players), hire mercenaries to attack a certain player on another team. Also, each player will have their own special ability. Everyone will know what team all players are on, but the abilities will only be known by that team. I'm still working on some of the finer details and rules, but if you are interested then feel free to join the FFF, put in your thoughts and ideas, and join the fun! The game is open to all FFF members, Ambassadors, Prospects, Friends of the FFF, and everyone else. So come on over and check it out!

Again, the FFF discord link is:
6y ago
neo you forget some thing
that the rule of fed
and neo have forget to say one thing
other federation are creat like
FFF ,i don't like the leader-First Future Fédération
NOZ,néo do the présentation
NUF,the federation who merged with IFMCB (Independent Federation of My Colony Blogger and QIGN(i forget the name and NUF is National Universe Federation
but it is right in the dark we can't read because it is hurting eye(vas think to do a pool the next time)
I have recently found myself in the Nations of Oz's discord server and they have accepted me as a member. What I found when I got here was there everyone is more than willing to give advice/resources to anyone who might need it but also they love to relax and have fun with each other. For a game with online capacities yet so little social aspects it creates a need for an external source of community, aka the people of NoZ on the federation discord channel.

The people of NoZ are friendly and accept anyone into the family with open arms. Whether you want to join for advice, for trade options or just to be able to have a chat with people all around the world united by a single game. Between the activities run by bots to the adventurous community based novel/story like contributions, there is always fun to be had.

I have come to know the people within this community and I can say with a resounding confidence that I am glad that I did. Come join NoZ discord server and see for yourself, I hope to see you there.
6y ago
Wubman said:I have recently found myself in the Nations of Oz's discord server and they have accepted me as a member. What I found when I got here was there everyone is more than willing to give advice/resources to anyone who might need it but also they love to relax and have fun with each other. For a game with online capacities yet so little social aspects it creates a need for an external source of community, aka the people of NoZ on the federation discord channel.

The people of NoZ are friendly and accept anyone into the family with open arms. Whether you want to join for advice, for trade options or just to be able to have a chat with people all around the world united by a single game. Between the activities run by bots to the adventurous community based novel/story like contributions, there is always fun to be had.

I have come to know the people within this community and I can say with a resounding confidence that I am glad that I did. Come join NoZ discord server and see for yourself, I hope to see you there.

Thank you Wubs! You came to NOZ only recently and have proven your worth and are now a Sorcerer! We are very encouraged to see amazing people like you as well. The community is built on people like you :) Cheer Buddy
6y ago

(Love me BLARG and Nunez)
"Antiquitas is growing, and as the game grows we need to follow in MyColony's footsteps, to build a community were we can foster and grow." Those were the words I first used to entice the glorious people of the FFF into a partnership. Thanks to Nunez and BLARG I have been able to revamp the server and spread the word of Antiquitas (I mean what's a guy with no experience on building a server gonna ever do well?). Turns out it's attracting big servers. I made a partnership! I know from nobody to slightly elevated random dude! Awesome let's continue....

Who are the FFF?
I'm glad you totally asked! Just imagine a very big building with lots of shiny new modern stuff and then imagine it's in a average city in a average country. They are that shiny modern building! You see my analogy was terrible so if you didn't get the point of it I'll explain it. They are above average. See it doesn't sound as awesome? Thanks for judging me. Well at least I've whittled away some of the precious time before our inevitable deaths. Oh wait that's a bad thing. And as death nears closer why not spend that time in an awesome discord community? I mean death's hardly gonna be fun so squeeze all the fun out of life but share cause sharing is caring. Anyway I've talked here to long and said too little, now to be lazy and repeat what I wrote before....

We bring you Sen- you know what that's a long name, why did he choose it? The answer to both is just use SPQR (Yes I'm lazy and I'm seriously gonna use this material so stop judging me with those beady eyes) As Emperor of Rome and Cheiftan of the Tribes of Gaul I promise that we will bring Antiquitas to glory, I mean hopefully..... (What? Stop looking at me like that!)

What has SPQR got that othere Antiquitas Discord Servers haven't? A server.
This Server has 7 roles (Actually now we have 9 roles now, I could change it but then you would think I've done nothing.)! I know! It's more than 6 ( don't need to change that. Again stop looking at me like that!) ! Each Role is adapted to a purpose and of course in the future more will be added! I mean what could be better? Everyone else you say? Pffff- no. (Hahahaha not anymore old me! Or you! New me thinks that because of the FFF not everything is better! You still l think everything is better? Dangit.)

With tons of help and guidance you will love it at the SPQR (SPQR - FFF? FFF- SPQR? SPQR? FFFQPR?), with features added all the time- listen that's gonna be hard to furfill, I mean I do have to sleep.... With features added...... nearly all the time. (Jokes on you I have Nunez and BLARG and they don't live in Britain! It means more production! Mwahahahaah oh your actually still here? Well sorry you had to see that, moving on!)

"SPQR a future- wait no a past with grapes and public baths cause it's Rome not Mars"


Wait- Are you just gonna end it there?
Erm yes
What about the picture?

You not gonna add something original?
Add something more!
Okay! Jeez that was intense! Okay erm.... We have another bot? Oh and some people! We have 5 bots just one is secret! I just ruined it's secrecy. We are gonna add more bots! We have quirky names for them, the server is Roman themed with quirky Roman names to the channels! One of our bots has a unique level system with a cool intro to the server and leaving message.... but you will never leave right? It's awesome in to many ways! We have updates for- hold on! If you're coming to the server you won't need this information! You aren't coming? Why not? You are? Great! See you there!

(Hahahah pretend it's the right symbol Gaul, pretend you didn't miss click another similar picture that could of been the feds symbol. Thats not even meant to be a joke.... I actually can't be bothered to find it in my images....)
6y ago

Orciusium is a proud member of the ever-growing NOZ federation of wizards! I'm Orcinus(Orcinus#9043 on discord) maker of the original, might make a come back ;) discord my colony bot. I code for a hobby mostly and work in IT, so I love all things techy. If you want to hang out with lots of fun and interesting people (you know who you are) join Orcinusium and be a part of a great and wonderful NOZ family!


NOZ Discord server:

Join us on this epic adventure called My Colony!
6y ago

Join the Trade Federation Commonwealth

Come and join the commonwealth of Last Hope!

Here, i am very active, i'll answer all questions and help if needed

Code: l6iE0hKZ

Discord server:

NOZ discord server:

5y ago

Welcome To the MC community and i hope you are looking forward to have a good time! I am Invincible, more commonly known as N-vince or just vince, due to my discord name. I run one of the largest Single map colony, and have tons of activity and surprises in my human colony. you'll surely meet a lot new folks and enjoy a good chat, even when i am not available.

However, if you dont like the tyrannical systems of UE based planets, Dont worry, i got an LIS colony, Astro-vince, waiting for you to join! lets see how long you can sustain, in the harsh worlds of LIS.

But if you feel, humans are too Easy for you, well, i got the biggest zolarg base running too! Join my Zolarg CW, Zola-Vince, and see for your self, how tough nuts those bugs are.

Colony Name:

[NOZ] Invincible



NOZ is a gaming community from which i have risen. I am a wizard there presently and would higly recommend you to join the discord server as it provides way better communications. Loads of other experienced people and trading partners when in need. just click on the link below ;)

Discord server:
5y ago
Hello! Welcome to the Commonwealth of Bait.

Over here, there is simply nothing preventing you from striving. With our payroll assistance rate of 9003% and policy to reward our active players, your colony is guaranteed to thrive among the rest. We have not only the highest payroll assistance rate on My Colony, but we also do not tax our members. What are you waiting for then? Join the Commonwealth of Bait!

We have an extremely generous community that is willing to help others out at the cost of anything! Join our discord and ask for anything. ~ ~

Our Charter Code is "OQUUg0mM" Please insert this (or click on My Commonwealth Name!) before starting a Colony. If you are already in a Commonwealth and would like to join the Nation of Bait, simply build a Transmission Hub and click "Request Annexation" (very cheap) to join our Commonwealth. Do you have any debts that you owe your previous Commonwealth? Don't worry, we'll pay them all off!

Thank you and have a great day
~ The Commonwealth of Bait

We are Now a FEDERATION! Join the discord to get the best charter lists, friendliest community, trading, and free items! ~ ~
4y ago
It is pretty easy. You need to higher your atmosphere to a certain level, once you reached it, you will get a notification and get new researchs. Also the texture of the ground will change and you should access to green bot / lumber bot and build single trees and later treefarms.

Also, if you have any other question feel free to ask via thread here, or make it easier for yourself and join the discord(s) of the MyColony Community:

Nation of Oz:
Nations of OZ Federation DISCORD link -

and First Future Federation:

Official invite link :
4y ago
It is pretty easy. You need to higher your atmosphere to a certain level, once you reached it, you will get a notification and get new researchs. Also the texture of the ground will change and you should access to green bot / lumber bot and build single trees and later treefarms.

Also, if you have any other question feel free to ask via thread here, or make it easier for yourself and join the discord(s) of the MyColony Community:

Nation of Oz:
Nations of OZ Federation DISCORD link -

and First Future Federation:

Official invite link :
4y ago
Hello everyone, I'm back from a bit of a hiatus. So I thought why not just spitfires more ideas and, well, here I am! So let's get going!

First up on my ideas list: Choosing where you expand into in singleplayer mode. This has been a bit of a pet peeve for me, since I really like organization(in some games) and My Colony is on of those games.

Tick counter( Fps counter but with ticks) this will allow developers or a mod of map determine if it's a good idea due to the amount of lag( or ticks) they get per second. This could be optional too with a button in the settings. This would be in the top left, depending on where the resourse bar is.

Another easy race. This will allow new players to make a decision that will lead them down 3 diffrent paths; they could choose UE based, I (Insectoids) based, or AD(Alpha Draconians) based. Because in the current state, you can barely get anything done in the early games of all exept UE, because it's such a grind.

Resourse management tips. These could help players who have no clue what the numbers on the side of the screen are. Thsi was part of the problem when I wanted my friends to play with me; they didnt know how to balance resources! I can't explain the logic behind the game because frankly, I still dont get this game. Confusing: but hella fun at the same time.

WARNING: REALLY CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC HERE: Voice chat. My idea is this: we all know how to talk I'm fairly certain( unless your deaf, then that sucks) and because(as with me) you've seen that some people have horrific spelling, and sometimes you cnat put the words down and you gotta say it. I think this would also make it so that players believe they are taking to real people instead of computers.

Building off of this, if ya dont want a voice chat system you could set up an OFFICAL My Colony discord server. We have plenty gamers here that have discord. So why the heck not? You wouldnt even have to run it. Long time contributors can run it.

What do you think about the discord idea? Tell Me! Head over to the NOZ channel and talk to us and give feedback!

Thanks for tuning into the end of Spitfire Ideas#2. I really like making these, so expect some more!

(Edit: title was spelled wrong)
4y ago
Shortly after the great success of the independent Nation of Bait (, The United Nations of Bureaucracy has been officially founded!

Are you a newly independent Nation that needs support / a community without wanting to join a commonwealth? Join the UNOB! Send a message to the Nation of Bait, a constant leader on the My Colony leaderboards!

Charter Code: OQUUg0mM

Our Discord:

Join our discord to request free items, trade your stuff, advertise your own commonwealth and talk with My Colony pros!
4y ago
Lemurian Galactic Authority
New Colonies Office
Join us! We have a very friendly community. Breaking News: Lemurian Galactic Authority Declares Independence from UNOB!
Lemurian Galactic Authority: The best Commonwealth you’ll ever join

<====>-<====> .............. <====>-<====>
Trains delivering resources to LGA’s newbie colonies

Welcome to the Lemurian Galactic Authority. Led by a player with almost three years of experience, the LGA is the best choice for a new commonwealth to mentor and assist your colony, for a very small tax of 1%.

Free resources are given out, whenever our players need them! Our commonwealth is so awesome you’ll never need to declare independence! But if you do... you’re always welcome to have an embassy with us, and you will be treated like one of our own.

Now, with all these advantages in mind.... it’s maybe a good idea you join us. When you are convinced by the endless adventure and opportunity awaiting you at the Lemurian Galactic Authority, and you want to lead your own colony, start a brand new online game and input the charter code dHZqXxGW.

Update: I’m setting up a Discord server pretty soon! Expect it to be online in two months, still writing rules.... and making things look AWESOME!!! And we are also now a Mage in the NOZ discord community, hence the [NOZ] tag we have. Now, colonies under the LGA can access the immense wealth of many of NOZ’s richest players, including Grace Howard, who provided me a screenshot of her resources... and... it’s 20 trillioj of everything.

A comparison about what 20 trillion really means.
When starting a new colony on the Earthlike map you begin with 7,500 ore.


And... Grace Howard has 20 trillion. So its a comparison here:


How tremendous that is. But hey... you’ll get your slice of the 20 trillion resources cake too. Just set up a colony, install Discord and get that NOZ Discord invite for maximum headstart satisfaction. This is getting too long, out.




4y ago
Welcome to the IKEA WAREHOUSE. The IKEA WAREHOUSE is a Commonwealth that was founded February.7 2017 and declared independence from Anderslanding on May.16 2017.
We are a very big commonwealth, (RRR 80+) and we have many active player. Because the ingame message system is still work in progress, we use Discord to communicate. Join here:

6y ago
Note: This was originally posted by @Randium at the old forum:

Are you looking for people to play with? Do you want to have fun while playing Death 3D? Join the official Death 3D Discord Server to look for some buddies.

Wanted to post this, for people who want to play together.
6y ago
Welcome to The Galactic Commonwealth ! A very active and large Commonwealth (RRR 40+), and proud member of the FFF (a very active discord community, join here -

Note that I can guarantee that I will reply to messages on Discord, but since the in game message system is not particularly robust, I may miss some messages, so I strongly recommend that you join the FFF.

Need a resource? Just ask!
Problems with motherland taxes? Ask for money!

Don't forget, the charter is 0nBhlXB4, and it's a small L.
6y ago
Just like the FFF, but in the game! I personally think it is a hassle to have to have a discord to join, especially since I do not have a discord, but it would be still nice to join a federation.

Right now the only way I can think of to have a “federation” is to have diplomatic relations to all the different commonwealths, and that could become a problem with new members joining all the time.

So maybe an interface could be added so you can talk and trade and whatever with the commonwealth buds!
Really want this to be added as I want in but I do not have a discord.
6y ago
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