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[FFF] Utoptia Planitia/Xindi/Desolation/Krakatoa (Spanish/Dutch/English) part of the FFF!!!

Welcome to the Commonwealth of Utopia Planitia, part of the Grufather Empire and sister commonwealth of Xindi 7 and Desolation.

Founded on november 13th 2016 under the flag of United Earth and declared independence 5 days later on the 18th.
Main Colony is Utopia Planitia, but it has several sub colonies.

Utopia is also Co Founder of the First Future Federation and has sworn a lifelong allegiance to it.

Anyone who joins Utopia, joins the FFF and benefits from all the help the active discord community brings.
Suit up and join Utopia Planitia, Xindi (Zolarg), Desolation (LIS) or all 3, become part of the Grufather Empire and The First Future Federation.

I want everyone to learn how to play the game as it should be. The real way, like I did when I started playing. There were no payrollassistence or starter packs, back then. So it's back to basics.
This helps you learn how to use your resources efficiently and the value of them. I won't let you die, I will help you as much as I can with tips for how to set up your colony and how to micro manage it. In the long run this is far more valuable than shortcuts with large amounts of financial compensation and resources, making the game easy to play.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, from every decision you make in the game you learn. Trial and error is my credo for the game. And on the discord of the FFF, where you have plenty of people to help you with trades.

I accept embassies and annex, but I would appreciate a message saying who you are. Don't forget that I have to pay for annexing you.

Join Utopia Planitia if you want to be part of my human Commonwealth: 25uV3cKw
Join Xindi 7 if you want to be part of my Zolarg Commonwealth: xM8Hkn8U
Join Desolation if you want to be part of my LIS Commonwealth: S9s86KZh

And join First Future Federation community on discord, be part of the group en become important!

Join my commonwealth chat:

Currently exploring the new ice world's! Explore with me future pioneers!
I'm going to join your expedition
Its me Lego.
The expedition is tough, bring warm clothes with you and a tundra rover drivers liscence!
Expedition is coming along great making good progress with colonization on the ice world.
Expedition has been sent to the Lava world! Join me on this quest
I added a chat!
Independence on the Lavaworld!
Join me and join the FFF
Back in bussiness after killing my entire pop and getting them back.
Still strong since nov 2016!!
My Colony

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